Will You Be My Valentine?

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I thought valentine’s day was saturday instead of today. I asked my brother if he had plans with his girlfriend and he said “I would if it were valentine’s day”. Shows how in tune I am with this particular holiday. While TLC runs a Say Yes To The Dress marathon and Netflix promotes all things Nicholas Sparks, I find this day to be about something little bit more. How To Love When Your'e Single

While I have never been a fan of an assorted box of chocolates, I did participate in a what is called a mug swap for this little holiday of love sharing. What’s a mug swap you ask? It’s something I learned from my For The Love sisters. We all donate $5 to participate (it goes to charity) and we get matched like a secret santa. We send a coffee mug and a little treat or two with it. We coined the gift giving pairs Muggles cause why not?!. It was fun to go out and intentionally buy a little gift for someone in hopes

of making their day/holiday a little brighter. My Muggle nailed my gift with a book, cupe cup and my favorite tea.


Muggle Love!
Muggle Love!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t hold back on loving people well. I used to get frustrated because I felt like I had love in me and since I didn’t have a significant other it had no place to go. I was so very wrong.

I’ve changed my tune on loving the people God has given me. I can love well and be loved well in return. Today isn’t about chocolates, flowers, and fancy meals. It’s about loving the people God gave us. If you’re single like me and find yourself wanting to have an anti-valentine’s day dinner like Jennifer Gardner in the movie Valentine’s Day I’m going to ask you to stop and put down that baseball bat you intend on using to smash a heart-shaped pinata.



Don’t be bitter, or crass. Don’t feel lonely or left out. Love the people you have with you in your life. They are good people and worthy of your love.

No matter if you find yourself with a valentine, 10 valentines or none at all just remember our world could use a lot more love and it’s up to us to get it going.


Dear Children, let us not love with words, but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

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  1. Elaine Pinkerton
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    Love your attitude and perspective, Sarah. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  2. Tiffany
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    Love this!

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