When I need to Leave Reality

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Reading Gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we areCan I confess something terrible to book lovers everywhere?

Can I trust you with my secret??

I’ve never read Harry Potter.

I know! I wish I could love it and all things potter and Hogwarts, but I failed after many attempts to enjoy it. I only read one of the Hunger Games books and thought it was just alright.

I know, it’s terrible. Please don’t fault me for my lack of reading these books. I’ve read plenty of others and enjoyed them dearly.

I love books.

When I meet someone and they tell me “I don’t like to read”, I question if our friendship can continue. I want so badly to run home and grab all my books and throw them all on the ground and say “here pick one! I”ll change your mind”. I love my books. A little part of my soul dies when I have to tell a student to put away a good book because we’re in math class and I need them to learn math for the next 20 minutes.

Once upon a time reading was a treasured gift. Books were special and read frequently, but now it seems we have a million other things we would rather do or watch instead of reading. The more students I teach the more I want them to read. Just read. I don’t care if you can do all the other things, just love reading. It changes everything.

My books take me to places I’ll never go and journey with characters I’ll never meet.

Life is better between the pages. On these pages, I disappear from the world I really live in for a few minutes and go on an adventure. I’ve solved mysteries, found where Bernadette actually went, laughed my way through another Sophie Kinsella book, and been inspired by the likes of Bob Goff and Annie F. Downes.

I try to not take it personally when a book is turned into a movie and it’s not up to par. A movie can be good, but it will Reading Gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are (1)never be better than a book.

I loved I am the cheese because the very last line of the book explained the title and that was genius. I adored 7 by Jen Hatmaker because it made me realize funny and sarcastic girls who liked to do weird things had a place in this world. I laughed my way through The Wedding Night by Sofia Kinsella. I cherish A Little Princess for all that is. I contemplated an 8 pm coffee run to avoid sleep and finish Looking for Lovely by Annie. My soul felt rejuvenated after Why the Sky is Blue and I miss those characters. I love my books.

I’ve realized my life is better with books. Not simply because I can escape the world I’m living in, but that they bring me a calmness and peace I find nowhere else. Books are everything and so much more.


What’s the last great book you’ve read?

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  1. Ruth
    | Reply

    I’m reading the Swipe Series, by Evan Angler. It is Christian youth fiction. Someone told me it was along the lines of Hunger Games, but I wouldn’t know because I never read that either. And I’ve never read Harry Potter either and don’t plan to even though my teenagers insisted that we watch the movies, which I did, and they were not as bad as I thought they would be.
    My favorite book as a child was Heidi. I read it 8 times, and also read Heidi Grows Up.

    • sarah
      | Reply

      I’ve seen some of the HP movies and they weren’t bad. I just wish I could have loved to books as so many people do.

  2. Donna Lehr
    | Reply

    I love books also….mostly biographies and autobiographies. Most recently, I read “Untamed” by Will Harlan. It’s the story of Carol Ruckdeschel, who tried to keep Cumberland Island from being developed anymore than it was since the Carnegie’s settled there. Carol also brought the plight of the sea turtles to the attention of the public. She proved how development and over-fishing have destroyed habitat for turtles and whales. A great read!

  3. Kelly Smith
    | Reply

    I love the way you love books, Sarah! I am tempted to abandon all things blogging and writing for the rest of the day and finish all the books on my list as soon as possible. I plan to add a couple of your recommendations to my list! Thanks for linking up!

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