When 8:00 is too late to start a movie and other tales of becoming an adult

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Last week I went out with friends and had a great time. We were having so much fun that we started getting the evil eye from the wait staff wanting us to leave. We decided to carry our fun over to steak and shake for milkshakes and more laughs. I felt like I was in college again! Go out for drinks then going for something terrible to eat because why not?! I was really enjoying  this crazy fun night out. Then I realized it was SIX FREAKING THIRTY. We ate dinner at 4:30 like we are 80.

When do we become adults?! Where did my late nights and seeing 1 am go? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN??

Don't Grow UpThere’s no official marking of adulthood it seems. No grand ceremony or award. We turn 18 and the law tells us were adults by being able to join the military and see serious jail time if we screw up. We can vote and no longer need parental consent for a tatoo. We can even buy from infomercials. We are allowed to take care of ourselves but we really aren’t. We still run things past mom and dad in those college years when we need some input/cash. They still care if we’re making good grades and help us navigate this new world we are entering.

At my college orientation a lady from the campus administration gave a talk on just this. She told us that we were 18 now, which meant our grades were our confidential information and our parents had no access to them. We all cheered.
Then she gave the parents some advice, that if they were to call her and say that they have this theory that their son or daughter was out partying and not attending class she would inform them if they needed to run with that thought or not. Our cheers quickly stopped.

Now that I’m more adult and less kid, I catch myself doing adult things now and I keep waiting on some one to call me out on it. Again, when did this happen?? Here’s some adult things I’ve realize I do……

  1. I change out the toilet paper roll. Why this was a struggle as a teen I do not know, but now that I’m an adult I get annoyed when it’s not changed out with a new roll.
  2. I do laundry in the proper amount of time. Ok, I am still working on this one, but I learned that doing just one regular size load from start to finish isn’t that bad. Not nearly as bad as letting it pile up and take days to put up. Who knew!?
  3. People leaving lights and tvs on is annoying! and wasteful. I think this was birthed from finally having to pay my own electric bill.
  4. Having a 401K and a budget. I know these are responsible things to do but I’m finally making a decent paycheck and I would like to spend it all on travel and good food. But alas, I will save money and be wise with my purchases making Dave Ramsey proud.
  5. I know it’s worth paying the expert. I know there are things I can do and fix on the cheap, but sometimes it worth paying a little more for the professional to do it. I feel like this one is better for my mental health versus my budget.
  6. I own both a car and a washer and dryer. Only adults own these things and it’s just weird when I actually pause to think about the things I actually own.
  7. I have no idea what the kids are wearing these days and I do not understand some of these fashion choices. I would also really like for the Emoji clothes to go and never come back. I also regularly visit urbandictionary.com to understand what they are saying because I’m old and have no clue. In any given moment we have two options-

Our culture has no real marker for becoming an adult.It just kinda happens. I think life experiences usher us into adult hood whether we’re ready or not. We sit in job interviews where we actually demonstrate knowledge on a subject matter instead of assuring a store manager we will show up for work on time and do our job. We go through hard times making us take on responsibilities and experiences that age us. We get adult jobs and buy adult things like cars and insurance. We budget and plan. We learn what matters in life. We learn what to hold onto and what to let go of. We realize we probably should watch what we eat and to exercise a little. Slowly the adult in us becomes bigger than the kid in us. But that kid. He or she is still there and every now and then we get to be that kid for a moment and it’s glorious. Even if a night out ends by 8:00.

Becoming an adult has seen it’s challenges and struggles but I just might like this adult thing. Just as long as my mom is nearby to answer all my questions.

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    yes! i’m totally rocking this adult thing. if by “rocking” the kids these days mean calling mommy for help.

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