Undone and then some

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Since the big Texas trip I can summarize my feelings to one word: Undone. This group and trip is precious and the moments shared with these amazing women is nothing short of God’s amazing love for us. While I’m still trying to figure out the emotions that seem to have a mind of their own, I do have one big takeaway from this experience that has yet to end.

Maybe it’s the introvert in me but I feel as though all we ever want is to be seen and be heard. It’s not a lot to ask for in turn for a job well done. We just want to know what we’re doing in our little tiny space matters somehow, some way. I feel like these moments are so rare and they shouldn’t be. I remember talking to a coworker in the safeplace we call the copy room. I was beyond done with my students one week and just needed to vent. She listened (she taught them the year prior so she understood). We talked a little about life too and she looked at me and said “and you live by yourself. You don’t even have someone to talk about your day to help you process it and destress. I know that must be hard on days like today”. In that moment I was seen and I was heard. I felt so loved in that moment that someone saw my struggle. It was simple comment over the hum of a copy machine, but it mattered.

While spending a weekend with that tiny little launch team I am on, I was getting to know a fellow launcher while we were taking advantage of some air conditioning  shopping for real cowboy boots. Our conversation was nothing spectacular but a simple get to know you deal. Later that night she plopped down beside me and said “you told me this earlier, I want to hear more about it”. I was shocked that someone I briefly met wanted to know me. But more than that, she saw me and she heard me. My little race I’m attempting to run, was noticed.

These moments where we really stop and see each other are so rare and they shouldn’t be. My new favorite memory is filled with these moments. We saw each other, we heard each other and we cheered each other on. So many women, so many gifts. All seen and all heard. But more importantly, all loved.

So as I sit here feeling so undone by all of this ,I feel so loved and encouraged. So notice the people around you. They are doing amazing wonderful things. Some tiny and some big, but all amazing.

I see you, I hear you.

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