Two Words and a New Perspective

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file_000-10I’d made it through airport security and found my gate in terminal B, however, I didn’t pay much attention to my boarding pass, as the people-watching at the airport is just too good to pass up. When I finally glanced at my boarding pass I noticed two little words, sky priority. I never imagined I would be so fancy as to fly Delta’s sky priority, but I guess my skymiles loyalty had finally started to pay off.

In all the times I’ve flown I have never really had the desire to get on a plane first. I never saw the point because I was just going to sit there and watch everyone else get on the plane so what did it matter. I was content to watch my fellow flying buddies be herded, as if they were cattle, to board the plane.

Oh how wrong I was. Sky priority is everything I never imagined. I JUST DIDN’T KNOW THIS LIFE EXISTED.  These two little words gave me the power to walk onto the plane without standing in the tunnel melting in the Atlanta heat. They gave me the ability to not stand there in a herd of people having my personal space slightly violated. They gave me the ability to put my bag in the overhead compartment directly above me with ease. These two words changed my life when I found my seat in the very first row. Ok, it was really the 4th row because of fancy first class people, but still. I sat at the front of the plane for the first time ever and it.was.glorious. I found my seat and stretched out my legs to enjoy the extra room I was blessed with. I quietly sat reading my book while the others hunted for baggage space and shuffled to their seats and felt pretty darn good about my life.

I never knew this life of sky priority could be so glorious and I don’t know if I can go back to regular person status on a plane. My perspective on traveling has always been one on the budgeted side and perks of higher traveling status weren’t something I was missing simply on the premise that I had not experienced them.

Perspective is everything.

Before this moment, I did not know sky priority was this fabulous, but now I do. My perspective has shifted following this experience and now I want sky priority all the time.

I find it fascinating our experiences shape our perspectives which then shape our emotions regarding life in general. In Hollywood if they want the audience to feel the chaos of a scene, they shoot with a hand-held camera and let it shake a little. However, if they want the audience to experience the rigid nature of business deal, they’ll shoot it with a still camera and a wide shot of the board room. Through these subtle changes a director can create perspective for the audience and evoke different emotions in us as viewers.

file_000-2Often times we find ourselves bogged down by our perspective until someone or something forces us to pick up our head and see things a different way. It’s not until we shoot the film with a different camera do we sense the change in emotion. Yes, my perspective on issues like Black lives matter is going to be shaped by the fact that I’m white, but that should not be my excuse for my perspective, but rather a platform for me to look into the perspective of others in efforts to reshape mine. My perspective on child rearing is from the outside watching my friends raise kids. My perspective on women’s rights comes from an angle of a girl who grew up playing sports. My life experiences have shaped my perspectives and I know they’re not wrong, but they’re not the only perspective either.
Our perspectives can also be affected by us not knowing or simply being inexperienced. When we find ourselves in one of these two categories we can make a choice. To either keep quiet and learn from those who have experience, or find the experience and form perspective. I had no idea sky priority was that amazing, but now I do and my perspective has shifted a bit. Make the conscious effort to educate yourself if you feel your perspective is a little out of frame. You might surprise yourself by what you learn.

Today I challenge you to look at a situation from another perspective. I believe the phrase is to “walk a mile in their shoes”. Or in my case, fly sky priority.

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  1. Jeff
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    Nobody likes a show off, Sarah. I fly regularly and have never been sky priority. I invite a different perspective and, I would hope, would like to learn from it.

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