The colors duke!!!!

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For quite some time now I have wanted to do a color run. However, thanks to the ole coaching soccer gig, weekend time was not exactly ideal. I signed up in January for this bad boy because I’m not coaching this year and I can sign up for things and not have to worry about a game schedule. If you’ve never coached, you don’t know this joy. Few things are greater.

It was Cold, The sweat bands kept our ears warm

I convinced my friend Mandy to tag a long in the 11th hour. Fun fact, once you run a half marathon, no one wants to do a 5k with you. I don’t always have to run ya’ll. I will be more than happy to go at your pace for the fun stuff where there isn’t a prize for winning. I’m just a girl looking for an adventure buddy.

We kicked off our first day of spring break by heading down to Atlanta motor speedway to the happiest 5k

. We checked in and got a our race gear then quickly ran back to the car cause it’s was windy and cold. But soon it was time to start and off we went. First color up, Pink. Followed by orange, blue, yellow, and silver glitter. The call this bad boy The color run and it really should be a color walk. A good 80% of the participants, walked. Those that were running where 1st time 5k people. It was a very odd thing to see no one actually running a race. The course around the track was easy with only one hill. There were young ones as old as 5 “running” this bad boy. There was also a set of girls riding scooters. I kinda felt like that was cheating, not that any one actually won the “race”. In short it was a fun experience. One odd thing I have never seen before was they had constant start times. When we finished, people were still checking in and headed to the start line. I have never seen a race set up this way. But over all I would highly recommend this to any first time runners, people who just want to walk or want a family friendly race. They’re doing a glow in the dark run this fall and we plan on signing up. Feel free to join us!
Because you are wondering: Yes, the color washes of easily unfortunately, the glitter takes a little longer to shake off.

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