Summer Time Favorites: Because life is too short for dull things.

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It’s officially the last day of school and that means it’s SUMMER! I’m ready for the beach, friends, silly books, and no alarm clock. This might be my best summer yet, as I’m already running out of days for all my adventures both near and far. But since it’s summer and Friday and all things good. Here’s my summer list of awesome.

Why the Sky is Blue by Susan Meissner. Seriously, my favorite fiction book of the year so far. This book is all things wonderful and precious. I stopped reading with two chapters left because I wasn’t ready for it to be over. I wish there were spinoffs from two of the main characters because I already miss them. The story unfolds with a woman winding up pregnant after being assaulted and where she goes from there. If you take away one thing from this list, it would be this book.

Summer time means smoothies and I’ve been making mine with Vega Powder. I go for the chocolate and berry flavors. You can add whatever you want to them. Cold coffee with chocolate powder and ice, you bet. Berry with some almond milk and few pieces of fresh fruit? Absolutely. They’re easy to make and healthy as Vega is a clean plant-based product.

You know what life is too short for? Store bought cool whip. MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN COOL WHIP PEOPLE. Here’s what you do, buy a can of whipping cream (duh) and add 2 tablespoons of confectioners sugar for each cup of cream. Here’s the hard part. WHIP IT! Whip it real good….

It does better if you mix it in a cold metal or ceramic bowl. I like to get some fresh mint from my herb pot garden and mix it in. Then, I put it on top of all things berry. It’s the greatest thing ever and it takes all of 3 minutes.

Because I love list (you’re reading one now), compartmentalizing, and all things witty; I found a stationary line that covers all three. It’s a brand called Knock Knock Stuff and they are fantastic to say the least. As much as I love my post-its and planner. These bad boys have revolutionized my organizing and faking it as an organization freak.

Life is too short for dull things and these simple things make mine a little sweeter. Have something little that makes your summer a little bit better? I’d love to hear about it!

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