Spring time favorites

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The world is yellow which means spring is finally here and it’s time to shake off the winter blues. I love everything about spring except for this dumb pollen.

Spring is just colorful and fun so I figured I’d compile a list of my favorite things this season.

Spring Time favorites

First up is Primal Pit Paste. The name alone is fabulous and their product even better. It’s an all natural deodorant that I fully indorse as an active person who sweats. Most brands don’t

make it past the “I’ll just wear it while I do my chores” test. Not this pit paste.This bad boy holds up on long runs and smells like lavender.

Not only can I up my pedicure game, I need my  all time favorite shoe to go with it. The pedicure companion that I wear 99% of the warm weather season is Sanuk Yoga Sling sandals. These little hippy shoes are made with yoga mat material and lots of fun designs. They come in lots of styles and you can wash them in your washer cause let’s face it, sandals can smell. I get more compliments on these shoes than anything else I own. I have high arches and get picky about my footwear. I promise you  your feet with thank you when you wear them.

Spring Break is next week which means fun books to read while you sit outside pretending to be “outdoorsy”. If you need something fun to read I highly suggest Furiously Happy – a funny book about horrible things by Jenny Lawson. Chapter titles include but are not limited to:

A series of Unfortunate Disclaimers

It’s hard to tell which of us is mentally ill

Things I May Have Said During Uncomfortable Silences

I Have a Sleep Disorder and It’s Probably Going to Kill Me or Someone Else

I highly suggest not reading this book in a public setting such as a plane or waiting room, as you will be laughing out loud uncontrollably. This book is perfect for those days when you just need to stop thinking about all the things and laugh a little. Not only is this book fun to read, but I found myself encouraged to have a little more fun with life.

While you’re being all “outdoorsy” with your book, you’ll get thirsty and I suggest you get an Izze soda in the apply flavor. I’ve loved the brand for a while but only recently tried the apple and it was life changing. It’s perfectly tart and fizzy for a warm day.Spring Time Favorites!


I fully intend on spending my break enjoying every last bit of all these things. Life is too short to have boring things. What are some of your favorite things for spring?



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