On The Eve of Super Tuesday

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Tomorrow I get to exercise my right to the 19th amendment (15th if you’re a white dude) as a citizen of this country.

I have no idea who I should vote for.

I am a college educated woman and cannot determine who is the best candidate to be our next president. At this point, I will vote for the first person to use the words “Teacher pay raise” or wants to abolish anything involving the world standard/standardized. As a voter, I want to be educated. I want to have a reason for my decision and a candidate I can believe in. Even if it is for one little piece of legislation.

When it comes to politics I think I fall in the middle some where. People should have the right to an education and good medicine, but I also believe in hard work and paying your way in life.  I think we need to fix our nation’s problems by addressing issues in the home and local community, not the schools. My job is to teach them, not raise them.

Here’s what I would like to see from our pool of potential leaders. I want to know what you have accomplished with your current and previous seat in our government. Did you find a solution to a local problem? Did you help the marginalized? Were you free of scandal that would lead one to question your character? I want to know where you stand and what your moral radar is. I’m not asking you to be a Christian, just a good person. This country is built on the freedom of religion and I’m okay with your belief not lining up with mine. I just want you to be a solid leader. To represent us well and make wise choices. I want to know how you are going to face the issues affecting the average American. Yes, there are important global issues at hand but I think our home life is more important.I don’t care if you are personable and dance on Ellen. If you win the election you have won the popularity contest so no need for the talk show tour.

I want an election where you refrain from mud-slinging and putting each other down. I just want to sign you all up for a friendship club where you play go-fish and learn to use your nice words. Spread a little kindness would ya??

I just want to know what you are capable of as our leader. So tonight, I will figure out who I’m voting for or against because I still have no clue.

If you’ve never been one to pray for country and it’s leaders, now might be good time to start.


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  1. Jamie Holmes
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    Hello Sarah,

    I applaud you for wanting to be informed going into tomorrows election. I myself am very much for Senator Ted Cruz. I have been studying Senator Cruz since 2013, and i can assure you his character is impeccable. Senator Cruz is scandal free (aside from the mud being slug from other candidates. none of which holds any water.) Before he was a senator, Cruz was the Solicitor General for the state of Texas. He has argued 8 cases in front of the supreme court on behalf of the state. There is so much I could talk about and share with you, but to keep it brief. Ted Cruz is a truly honest man and a strong constitutional conservative. he has fought for religious liberty and our constitutional rights. He opposes common core and wants to leave education up to the states and communities. I could continue on but please look to the website TedCruz.org for more information.

    • sarah
      | Reply

      Thanks for the information Jamie! I wish the candidates would share this information as they campaign and didn’t rely on supporters to give their background info.It would make this such a more pleasant process.

  2. Cindy Murphy
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    A wise friend of mine from high school, who is an accomplished author wrote this on her FB page. I thought that it was very honest and insightful:

    “An endorsement, an explanation, and a cri de coeur. Why I’m Going to Be Talking a Lot About Bernie Sanders:
    Friends: if you’ve known me for a while, you know that on social media I’m your basic garden-variety liberal, but I generally stay above the fray. The political rhetoric on social media can be nasty, and I admit that I haven’t wanted to risk trolls or abuse. I have many friends and family members I love who are diametrically opposed to me politically, and I have no wish to antagonize them. And I realize many readers friended me to follow news of my two novels, and there’s always the issue of confusing or diluting one’s “brand.”
    But I never particularly wanted a brand, and now, in this election, I must speak up. Bernie Sanders is running for president, and I will be talking about him, and respectfully but enthusiastically urging everyone I know to take a closer look at him, to support him, and most of all to vote for him.
    I truly feel he is a once-in-a-lifetime candidate. I believe he is a transformational leader. I have not encountered a candidate in my lifetime with his level of integrity, consistency, honesty and sound judgment. His moral compass is sterling. I have been digging and digging into old articles and videos and have only become more convinced: he’s in this for entirely unselfish reasons; he is a true patriot; and he really does worry constantly about the people of this country suffering from poverty and injustice of every kind. His compassion and outrage at injustice have been at the core of his identity, his politics, and his career since the beginning.
    I also believe he’s a gifted politician, that he’s far more pragmatic than he’s given credit for (he’s a worrier, remember? he wants results), that he can work across the aisle and get things done (he already has in Congress, where he was known as the “amendment king”—again, pragmatism), and that he’s more electable than Hillary (borne out in current nationwide polling, where he beats every Republican, in hypothetical general-election matchups, by greater margins than Hillary does, especially Donald Trump). There are also a great many voters who, even though they don’t align with him completely on the issues, will choose him because he is the most trustworthy and consistent (or even because, as Stephen Prothero recently said in USA Today, his actions are the most Christian of all the candidates running. By their fruits ye shall know them). Perhaps you are one of those voters.
    I am not voting AGAINST anyone. I will not criticize Hillary, except when it comes to differences on the issues. I do believe she has been subject to sexism and misogyny of a breadth and depth that’s hard to even parse, and kudos to her for her strength.
    But Bernie Sanders’ positions on every issue, unlike Hillary’s, align with my own. I believe we need bold leadership, not incrementalism. We have big problems and we need to dream big to fix them. And so, I’ll be posting a fair amount of political stuff in the coming weeks and months, and especially in the next few days leading up to Super Tuesday, when Massachusetts votes. Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, you must admit she is part of a massive political machine, and Sanders has an uphill battle. That he has come this far is astonishing, and is testament to the power of his message and how much people have been wanting to hear it.
    I’m sorry if any of this offends anyone, and if it gets tiresome just unfollow those posts for a while. If you want to, you can unfollow my political posts without unfollowing me—because I do have a new paperback to talk about, and I’ll be posting frequently about my events, my other writing, and the literary world in general, as usual.
    But it would be wonderful if you could stay and check out some of these posts. Click on some links or videos. There is a great deal to learn and if you’re like me, the more you learn about Senator Sanders the more impressed you will be. I’ll do my best to stay positive. I will not Berniebro anyone, and please don’t Hillary-shame me back. I respect her and you. But I am feeling the Bern.
    If you feel the same, please feel free to share this, and GET INVOLVED. Go to https://berniesanders.com/?nosplash=true and learn more about him. Phonebank, canvass, donate. This country is ours, and we can save it from the oligarchy that’s already in place, and the theocracy and fascism that threaten us now in this election. If you’re at all on the fence, please, please take a close look at Bernie Sanders. And do not be afraid to vote with your heart.”

  3. sarah
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing! I know you always have credible sources 🙂

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