No Beans About it: Unique Lessons From Life

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Beanie Babies

Did you ever own beanie babies? Let’s be real, we all did. How could you not love these adorable little 6 inch bean filled creatures? They were going to be COLLECTOR ITEMS so we bought them and didn’t take off the tag despite the warning to remove the tag before giving to children. AS IF, these babies are gonna be worth serious cash one day. Your level of cool was directly proportional to how many you owned. If you had Garcia, with the tag (duh), you were king of the mountain. People went crazy for these little guys and one couple even had to divide their collection IN COURT during a divorce. Because two grown adults really should have to divide their bean babies up in front of a Judge. Why was this not an episode of Judge Judy??

Let’s be honest, despite being cute this was one of the worst investments we ever made. Hopefully you haven’t made many of these similar unfortunate investments in life. Have we made a few? Yes, it’s called learning. Let’s just try not involve money in those “learning” investments okay?

While money is one of the first words to pop in my mind when I hear the word “investments”, not all investments are of the garciafinancial kind. We invest time, emotions and effort. Whether it is a group goal or simply a relationship, we are all investors when it comes to life. Just like the financial kind, life investments can have a great return and other times, we find ourself upside down on it. When we don’t feel as though we’re getting a return on our investment we start to pull back on whatever or whomever it is we’re investing in. These lack of returns can break our hearts and leave us weary of investing again. Seriously, would you go buy more beanie babies??

You wouldn’t financially invest in a company for the second time when it failed the first go around, yet we so often continue to invest in people who give us no return. When do we decide to pull back on those investments? I have usually found it is when the effects of our investment spill over to other areas of our lives. That’s when we realize the lack of return.

While my the beanie babies currently sitting in a trash-bag on my floor (but the still have their tags by golly!) won’t generate me a small fortune, a few of those bean filled critters are worth some serious cash. Just like those illusive few beanie babies some of our investments are worth it. They are worth our energy and emotions even when it’s not a great return. Going beaniesthrough my season of grief/rest left me with little to no energy to invest in anything, my friends still invested in me despite my lack of a return. They loved me when I couldn’t return the investment and we need those investors in our lives. People who come alongside us and truly invest in us and who God has called us to be.

Want to know who your investors are? Tell them your hopes and dreams. The ones ready to invest in you and all that God has planned for you will love you dearly despite their own need for a return. Those are your investors. The ones who put aside their own personal feelings and support you however you need supporting.

As for the beanie baby collection, a part of me wants to hold on to the investment thanks to the 12 tv shows about finding items in closets/basements/storage units and making a fortune off of it. Then part of me remembers playing with them (and delicately protecting their tags) and feeling like a kid again. Then my other side kicks in and tells me to get rid of these dust collecting sacks of beans. When I googled what to do with beanie babies the suggestion came up to make fake taxidermy animal mounts for the wall. I thought that was brilliant and might just happen.

So go invest in something or someone today. Or make bean baby wall mounts.

Incase you are wondering what happened the original investor of Beanie Babies, he “forgot” to pay the taxes on his return..

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