Monthly List of Mayhem: August

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I recently had the idea to do a monthly list (virgo habit, sorry) of things I enjoy and feel are just all around good. Life is to darn short for bad or just ok. Food, Books, Movies, Wine, Friends, they should all be wonderful and nothing less than that. Quality not quantity people! I’m sending way to many links to friends to try/see/watch/do/read so I figured I would put them all in one little spot. (I may or may not have a compartmentalizing issue) So here’s a few items for the August list of Mayhem. What will make the list each month? Things I deem awesome. DUH. Simple as that. I am also open for suggestions so feel free to make a suggestion and I will check it out.

mango1. Bai 5 water – Why is this water awesome?  For 1 it has little to no sugar in it. Also it’s actually good flavored water. So many try, so many fail….. Water gets boring and these guys have spiced it up a bit.  It’s also great in a smoothie. You can also mix flavors if you want to get all crazy with your water. You can find it at your local Kroger or buy it online at Drink Bai Water
2. Tim Hawkins– Stand up comedian who is beyond talented. He’s down right funny and clean about his act. Most people can drop a few insults and f*bombs and be decently funny,but lack the class. But Tim takes the high road and will have you laughing so hard it hurts. I’ve seen him live and plan on seeing him again. So watch this little clip and get a laugh.

3. If you need a good book, you need to pick up a witty read by Maria Semple titled Where’d You Go, Bernadette .The story line is just that, finding out what happened to Bernadette. I can honestly say this is the first time I really had no idea where the story line was going. Seriously go read this book.
4. A Patagonia Sling Bag– This bag has been my best friend this summer. The front pouch is great for holding my ID and tickets when going through the airport keeping me from being that person in the security line. It will hold a water bottle on a hike with room to spare. It has a few safety features to keep people from getting into your bag while you travel too. This may be my greatest purchase ever. I have also discovered it’s a great back support for a baby who doesn’t quite fit in a high chair. BEST BAG EVER.
 5. Last but not least; For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. If you have been any where near me this summer you need not to read any further. But in case you don’t know. This book ROCKS. So go visit my friend Jen at  I can’t tell you all about the book yet, but For the Love post will be coming!
These are my list of Mayhem items of the month. Seriously go check them out.

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    Second the recommendations for Where’d You Go, Bernadette and Tim Hawkins. I am currently waiting for my copy of For the Love to arrive. For comedy I would also recommend Michael, Jr.

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