Monthly List Of Awesome: September

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It’s a new month and also Birthday month! (gifts not required but always appreciated.) Ever since the last list I have thought of a million things to share with you all. I’m trying to pace myself and keep the list short and sweet. I’m always looking for new and awesome things so feel free to suggest a few!

What you should be reading: Someday, Someday Maybe by the one and only Lauren Graham AKA Laureli Gilmore. She wrote a book and you should read it because it’s lovely. In short, it’s set in New York in the 90s giving beepers and fax machines a place in this story. It’s story of a young budding actress approaching her make it or break it dead line with a few other life choices to make. It’s well written, funny, and you’ll just want to cheer on the main character till the end.

What you should be watching: The Paradise on BBC via Netflix. It’s a love story set in the 1870’s in England’s first department store and it’s simply divine. If you like Down Town Abbey you should like this. You will love Denise (main character) as she takes the Paradise department store by storm in all the most charming ways. This is a rainy day netflix binge for sure!

What you should be eating: This one pot cheesy smoked sausage pasta. This is affordable, easy and so incredibly yummie! I have to keep myself from making this every single week. I showed my noncooking friend how to make it and she now makes it because you really can’t screw this up. Ok maybe you can burn the sausage but that’s all.  I just love good food and this is it. Look how good this looks!

Just look at that yummie-ness!

Something you should wear: a piece or two from the Noonday Collection. Hobby Lobby is insisting we buy christmas decor now even though I’m still wearing tank tops and flip flops. However, in the spirit of “the holidays are near” or it’s you know, someone’s birthday month; I suggest shopping with a cause over at the Noonday Collection. It’s birthday month over there too and are having sale to celebrate their 5th year as a socially minded company. So hop on over and take a look!

So check out September’s List of Awesome items. If you find yourself constantly suggesting Items to friends and maybe people you just met (sorry lady at target, but it was good book) let me know and I will check it out!


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