Monthly List of Awesome: October

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Fall is here!!!! I love the colors and pumpkin coffee, football, bonfires and jeans with hoodies, Hocus Pocus.Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. What could be better?!  Oh I know! October’s monthly list of awesome. (How is it already OCTOBER?!)

What you should be listening to: Jamie Ivey’s Podcast The Happy HourJAMIE-PHOTO-4-e1423594749737. A friend suggested this podcast and I have been binge listening ever since. This podcast is my saving grace on long rides home after work. I talk to 12 year olds all day and welcome this girl talk with open arms. Not only is her podcast of good audio quality, the conversations are on point each and every week. Each week she has a new guest on her show and they chat about all the things big and small. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself talking back as if you are you are sitting around the table with your friends and glass of wine. Being on her podcast is so on my bucket list now. She makes it look so fun and make me feel like I could almost host one.



What you should be watching: Antarctica: A year on ice on Netflix. It’s a one year documentary following the US station down there in the frozen tundra. It’s fascinating, eye opening and funny as the cabin fever sets in over winter. It almost looks fun to do but let’s be real. Hurricane force winds of snow probabyaren’t all that fun.


What you should be wearing: Cuffs by Pamela Anne. She’s the hippy chick you want living on your street. Not only is she adorable, she makes these lovely cuffs. From simple and understated to full on rocker chick style. So pop on over to her etsy shop and check it out. Christmas will be here soon because it’s apparently already October.



What you need to make: Fall = Football and one pot wonderfulness. I suggest this Italian Orzo Spinach Soup from . I add chicken and bread. You cannot mess this one up and it’s great for fall. It’s full of flavor and requires almost no prep so it wins in my book! Seriously, go make this.

That’s all for this month I’m always looking for some new quality things for my list so please suggest some!

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  1. LeeAnna
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    LOVE my cuff by Pamela Anne! And can’t wait to try this soup!

    • sarah
      | Reply

      It’s so easy and good!

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