Monthly List of Awesome: November

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It’s November which means a full week off of work is near! Also, lots of food with those relatives I only see a few times a year so I still like them and actually enjoy seeing them. Double win in my book! So let’s get to the good stuff for the month.


Birch Box– I was gifted this little nugget of goodness for my birthday. An out of town friend signed me up for the gift box option giving me 3 months of Birch Box. I never thought I would like this as my make up use is limited if that. To my surprise I was able to customize products I would use from shampoo to toothpaste. I hate the whole beauty section of the store and this little box of fun as helped me fine some great products with out wasting my money. Sample sizes are generous and you get a quality amount of each product. Everything is also a great travel size if that a regular in your life. If you need a gift Idea this is it! It really is the gift that keeps on giving for 3 months!


Purposeful Planner– My Favorite day of the year is calendar day. For years I have loved nothing more than a schedule and a planner. I have a former boss who will speak on behalf of my love of good schedule. Then I found out about this little planner who is going to be my BFF for 2016. It has all your planning needs and then some. Not to mention it’s adorable. There’s lots of planning/organizing goodies so check out my friend Corrie’s site. img-6-1024x1024
For the Book nerd in your life: Wedding Night by Sofia Kinsella. This book is HILARIOUS and would make a great movie but let’s be honest, they would jack it up some how. It’s a great travel book for all you flying or driving home to family this holiday season. In short it’s the story of a big sister looking out for her little sister even if her motives come from her own personal life experiences. I don’t want to give away to much more so go read this and have a laugh.


Since we’ve adjusted our clocks it’s now getting dark a dinner time and it brings my workout motivation to a screeching halt. So when it’s cold and dark at 6:30 but I need a work out I use Yoga with Adriene. Lets face it. Yoga people can be weird but Adriene may be the coolest Yogi ever. Girlfriend believes yoga can be followed with a pizza and a beer and I’m ok with that. She real about the yoga but can crack a good joke every now and then. Check her out next time you need to feel healthy and shake the winter blues. Or just not feel guilty because you skipped the Gym…..again.

Check out my monthly list and feel free to suggest products for future post. I’m always looking for new and awesome things! Life’s to short for mediocre things.




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  1. LeeAnna
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    Love reading these so much that I’m thinking of writing one too! Love you friend!

  2. Brooke
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    Love all of Kinsella’s books
    Reading a YA book of hers now.

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