Moments You Deserve

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With technology controlling our lives it’s really changed our way of living. Personally, I’m sick and tired of it. We are missing out on so much because of all the electronic things. So in efforts to cut back on the whole technology thing I have made a few changes.Nothing radical, just real. I want more for myself and the life I’m living.

First up. I am not texting people while at events. Even if said event is a bridal shower and or luncheon and I want to mock all the things to my people not there with me in efforts to survive the torture. I have realized I’m missing out on some good stuff with people I care about. As much as I want to text my fellow sarcastic people “OMG they all just ‘awwwed’ at a wok” I am now refraining from said text. Okay, maybe I’m only 70% successful on this one, but it’s progress! I know my sarcasm is at times a defense mechanism so I’m trying to cut back in efforts to experience more little moments for the good that they are. But seriously, it’s a wok… they only make one kind.

Second: No sharing of important news via text. This past spring a few friends and I at work were all on the job hunt. We were in the trenches together going to job fairs and cheering on job leads. Praying over each other to end up where God planned them to be. When I  finally got my job offer I wanted to text everyone and share the news. IMG_4166Instead, I waited till work the next day and got to tell my friends in person. Seeing their reaction to my good news was simply the best. I was truly surprise at how excited they were for me and how much I needed it.  And you know what? I deserved all those little happy moments and hugs from friends. Job hunting is hard work. Had I sent a text I would have shared my joy with emojis.  We all need to hear good news about people we care about and we deserve the right to celebrate the good news. You deserve all the celebrations over you. Don’t make yourself miss these moments.

As much as there is good news days, there are rough days too. So call a friend who knows how you feel even when your words are saying something different. A friend recently called and opened with “I need a blunt opinion so listen to this…”. While I do specialize in shall we say cutting to the point, I was glad she called and valued my opinion. I also know this friend well and could tell how she was feeling just by the way she was talking. Every one needs someone who knows how their day is going just by the way you answer the phone. If you’re single, you will need these people so don’t create the gap with a text. Also non-single people, call your single friends and see how they are.

Lastly, keeping things off social media. You know the phrase “can’t miss you if you never leave”. It’s kinda the same thing. It’s nice to talk to friend about things going on in your life in person. Again, the whole reaction thing. I don’t like knowing everything about your life when we haven’t talked about any of it. I’m also getting tired of the “I saw it on facebook/instagram/what ever is next” convo. Lets talk about real life that’s happening right then and there.  While at a coffee shop the other day a group of teenage girls came in and were dressed in what they call trendy clothes these days. We proceeded to point out at what age we wore what as the “trendy” teens currently wearing said clothes ordered. The local house musician played them A Thousand Miles by Venessa Carlton and they died. We laughed…. and felt old.

So push the pause button every now and then and give yourself the joyful real moments you deserve. And in the mean time watch this glorious video.

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