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I’m all about trying new things and expanding my perspective on life. When my friend Meg suggested a free Barre 3 workout class I said to sign me up! I’d heard about it and have seen some post online about this new-fangled workout and I was wanting to give it a try. Besides, I’d just watched the gymnastics nationals on tv and was envious that my arms have never looked like that and was feeling a little fluffy. I was due for some exercise and I’m all for checking out the new local place in town.

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Adorable little studio

Off we went to our class at the adorable little studio. It was much fancier than I imagined and they even had a shower room which surprised me. It’s just a one-hour women’s workout class, why would I need a shower at the studio?

The studio was lined with these cute little exercise balls and elastic bands dropped across the barre. In the corner adorable little 1lb and 2lb free weights. So cute! I can manage 2 lbs of adorable weight in an exercise class easily.I saw no need for concern there. They even had little towels for us if we needed to dab our sweat. That’s adorable I thought, but I’m not one to excessively sweat and saw no need to get one.

Here’s what I knew about Barre 3 going into this class. It was a workout combining yoga, pilates, and ballet barre exercises. I’ve done the first two plenty of times and I enjoy the workout. Secondly, I was a ballerina in a past life (you welcome, mother) so I totally know second position and how to pull off a decent plea. I thought Barree 3 would be about stretching, some cute little ballet like exercises and a few minutes of a hard workout with the equipment.

Do you know what Barre 3 isn’t?

Stretching, some cute little ballet like exercises and a few minutes of a hard workout with the equipment.

Our warm up were a never ending set of squats that turned into more squats in a different matter I didn’t know existed. Meg and I quickly exchanged a look of “what did we get ourselves into?!”. We are fairly fit women and we had met our match. Exercise after exercise, my whole lower body shook. Not only was I trying to act like I could totally hang in this class that had a 60-year-old in it, but to do it decently like the athlete I am. One exercise leading gracefully into another with sweeping leg movement only known to the art of ballet was met with an Oh hell no as I shakily stood up and grasped for my water. Having to look at yourself in a floor to ceiling mirror while wearing elastic clothing was a fabulous motivator to keep going because I clearly needed this work out.

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Proof we survived

Halfway through the class, I realized we weren’t actually taking water breaks and I would be on my own to hydrate. Before I knew it, our leg series was over and we were on to the core section. I can do a plank, no problem! Except there actually was a problem, my usually un-sweaty self was sweating from every pore possible. Suddenly I was in need of a towel to wipe my hands and feet because I was sliding on the floor as I attempted a plank. I’m sure I resembled a new baby calf learning to walk for the first time as I tried to get my balance.

Unable to actually speak at this point, Meg and I resulted to just sharing facial expressions to commiserate our suffering.

Finally, it was time for the cute little exercise ball. It was super soft and squishy so I was curious as to what we would be doing with it. Now I know……. The ball is not your friend. The ball was used to make your legs shake as if you were standing in Antarctica in shorts and your abs burn as if they were Catness’ fire dress.

Before I knew it the hour hand had made it full circle and our time was over. Praise Jesus, we made it with our dignity intact and some really shaky legs.

This cute little exercise class was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done when it comes to exercise.

I hated it so much I bought a class pass to see me to the end of summer. I totally drank the cool-aid at the barre.


Live local tip: Check out local workout studios and classes. A lot of the time they offer your first class free!

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    Thanks for your keen insight! Now I know what I won’t be signing up for!! 🙂

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