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It’s November 1st and I just saw a commercial for a Christmas movie. Why??? At least let the candy bucket of leftover candy run dry! Can some one from the marketing and retail world please explain why we need to start all things Christmas in October?!One Holidat

Hobby Lobby I love you dearly but you might be the worst offender of  putting out all the christmas decor early. Back to school shopping should not be followed by Christmas ornaments.However, I love your annual 80% off home furnishings sale in July so you can clear some shelf space. I see you too walmart…. I saw your trees last week and the holiday layaway program you started September 4th. FedEx and Starbucks have already rolled out commercials with santa and red holiday cups.

Are we just forgetting Thanksgiving all together? It’s still fall and Thanksgiving colors are fall colors. Lets run with the whole “Let’s be thankful theme” for a just a bit. We will even let you have the pilgrim and indians theme. JUST STOP WITH THE CHRISTMAS. You are confusing my brain.I shouldn’t see christmas trees while I’m wearing shorts.I do not live in a warm climate!  As a teacher I look forward to the halfway point where I get two weeks off and your preemptive marketing is misleading me. I see those decorations and think “Oh a break is near” and then I go to work and realize that I actually have a month and half to go! Just-stop with the games.

My search to find retails fighting the “Christmas Creep” as its called, left me with nothing to report. Nordstrom has opted out of decorating for Christmas prior to Thanksgiving in years past but I couldn’t confirm this for the 2015 season. I do know REI has opted out of black friday and are letting employees enjoy the holiday and for that I will continue to support you REI. Maybe more retailers will jump on board with this, or at least wait till it’s actually Friday to open for Black Friday.

Maybe we could all ban together and let our shopping tell the retailers how we feel about all this. I will cope with this madness by eating a butterfinger since Halloween was YESTERDAY.

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    Unfortunately there are no good hanks given stations on pandora

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