Inspiring Words and a Can of Paint

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The weather man said we were going to be iced in for a few days so I did what any introvert would do, get a good
book, some tea, curl up with a blanket and settle in for a long quiet weekend. Thanks to the good folks over at I was alerted to a book on my wish list being on sale for $1.99. I downloaded my copy of The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith and 24 hours later I had finished my book and was convinced I could re-decorate my entire house while stuck inside for the storm.
Since I was stuck inside and painting is frown upon in small confined spaces, I was left to tidy up and rearrange furniture. I dragged out all the things I own and laid them out on the floor. Some items made the team and others are sitting the bench for now. I will let you know it’s been 2 weeks and the team is still sitting on my floor. You cannot rush creativity people! We’ll just call this preseason.

a holiday treat (1)
The following weekend mother nature decided it would be spring and blessed us with 70-degree weather giving me a chance to drag some furniture and picture frames outside for a new coat of paint. Myquillyn talks about making mismatched items match simply by giving them a matching coat of paint. DUH! that’s easy enough! 

I think that’s simple enough so I went to Home Depot and bought some spray paint and a can of Glidden Swiss Coffee white. I used the Glidden paint to redo my tv stand that was headed for a life at the goodwill graveyard and the spray paint to update some black frames and a multipurpose wooden storage box from Ikea. A few coats of paint later, I had matching furniture and frames. A simple fix that cost me around $20 for paint and two new door knobs from Hobby Lobby.

It’s not that I was given 25 sure fire tips to decorate my home from Smith, but that she gave me the confidence to decorate it. She gives the reader permission to make mistakes. Life is crazy and it carries over into our home. While it’s a great insight into life’s unplanned adventures, There’s also a whole section dedicated to nail holes…. It’s part memoir and part how-to and I love every bit of it.

                                       File_001 (3)File_000 (13)
While she debating the whole nail holes in the wall dilemma we all face, she’s also laying down some wise words and turning decorating a home into something deeper. 

“I’ve finally figured out that almost no one is living in their dream house. And I don’t know anyone whose life has gone exactly like they would have planned. You make the best choices you can at the time with the information you have, and then you deal with the consequences, and that’s the part where your life happens.”

She pairs decorating and all the little quirks of life in one beautiful story. While it was a fun read on a snowy icy weekend, Myquillyn Smith is empowering other women through her gift and I’m a huge fan of other women empowering other women. So run along and go get this book. You’ll want to redo your space and love the home you live in. 

Now to go find a place to get the team into the game and off my floor. 


Have any simple decorating tips? Have a favorite room in your home? Let me know about it.

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