I’m Feeling very Olympic Today

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The Olympics are here and it’s a happy time! The Olympics show us humanity at it’s finest. People of all nations gathering and supporting one another. From Refugees getting a standing ovation to Phelps showing what it means to be an Olympian. We’ve watched athletes finish dead last and celebrate that they simply competed at the Olympics and represented their country. We’ve seen upsets and come backs and history being written in the pool. As I’ve struggled to stay wake to watch these games, I wrote down my thoughts as I watched.

My Thoughts While Watching The


  1. What sport can a I pick up at age 28 that I can make it to the Olympics?  Badminton? Archery? Marksmanship?
  2. Why did I get parents who were natural born US citizens and not a parent who could get me duel citizenship? I mean, I was a decent soccer player but Kelly O’hara kicked my butt every year so I know I wouldn’t have made it in the states, but in another county like Iceland, I probably could have made a national team career for myself. I won’t say I haven’t contemplated making a coaching career some where weird.
  3. What are we going to do when Bob Costas retires? I won’t be the same when he leaves. Don’t leave us Bob….
  4. I should probably work out more.
  5.  Why are there so many commercials??
  6. Getting 4th place and missing the podium by centimeters and 1/10 of a second may be the most heart wrenching experience. I don’t think I’d recover from something like that.
  7. Some one make a 4th place medal
  8. I should probably stop eating this slice of pizza and go work out.
  9. Are they going to show anything other than swimming?
  10. I’m pretty sure that Chinese gymnast is 7.
  11. I hate Sweden.
  12. Gymnastics isn’t as fun when you get to beat the Romanians.
  13. How is a human being THAT fast?
  14. When can we host the games again? I was only 8 when Atlanta hosted and I didn’t get to appreciate it as much back then. I need a do over.
  15. The Today show crew is borderline weird.
  16. I should probably go work out


Happy Olympics every one!



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  1. Jeff
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    Great article. However, Southerners are their own nation. You could be the coach of every team. The team uniform would consist of mullets, stars and bars dewrags, tie dyed wife beaters, 60’s basketball shorts, high top Converse basketball shoes, and tube socks. We don’t need Bob Costas but we do need Jeff Foxworthy to commentate. Yes, this does sound like the RedNeck Olympics, which they already have, but many of us would have our own teeth.
    If you need a partner to work out let me know. We will work out with you.

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