I’d Rather not meet for Coffee: Budget Friendly things to do with Friends

In college, I would beg my friends to go something fun like white water rafting only to get told: “I don’t have any money”. Three days later we would be at the bar and they’d drop $30 on food and drinks. I would get so frustrated that my friends would throw away money on bland bar food and a few drinks, but couldn’t part with their money to do something fun. I don’t mind a night out with friends to grab dinner and drinks, but it gets boring and predictable. It’s also a waste of money in my opinion. I’d rather go out and have an adventure and give us a cool story the next time we did go out to dinner. As boring as dinner and drinks can be, so can grabbing a coffee. It’s fun every now and then, but it’s not the only way I like to hang out with my friends. So here’s a list of ways to have fun on the cheap and go on an adventure.

1. Hit the trails. Being outdoorsy is in right now, so you can probably talk your less than active friends into this one. Katie convinced me to go for a bike ride the other week and we had fun exploring a new area and catching up on life. We were a tad bit sore the next day, but we had fun and it cost us nothing.

2. Join a team. I recently joined a co-ed soccer team and while my skills aren’t as sharp as they once were, it’s still fun to get out there and school the boys. They have leagues for everything these days and it comes out to be around $7-10 per game. So get your friends together and make up a silly team name with matching shirts and have fun.

3. Attend a local festival. These bad boys are usually free or only a few bucks at the gate. It’s fall which means my quirky little town is hosting a festival just about every weekend. One weekend was a street chalk art and the other weekend arts festival. I love a good festival where I get to meet local vendors and see unique things. And it’s easy on the budget.
4. Make a craft. I have helped more friends sand and paint furniture simply because I enjoy hanging out with them.It probably helps that I have all these tools too. Some days our projects are a little bit simpler and we find something on Pinterest to craft. Half the time we spend laughing at ourselves because we overestimated our skills. Either way, I spend time with my friends and we haven’t broken the bank doing it.


5. Take a class. My friend Meg had this great idea we could take a Barre 3 class once upon a time because we thought it would be fun. It took 3 hours for our legs to function properly again, but we had fun and laughed at ourselves. Check out your local workout and activity centers and see if they offer a free first time class. This one only cost us our pride and dignity.File_000 (2)
6. Go visit that one random store on the other side of town or just run errands together. You may buy nothing at that random store, but you’ll have a day with you friend. Half the time these adventures end up leading us to other random places and we usually end up with a silly story to tell.

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  1. Kathy Markham
    | Reply

    This is helpful to me, since I tend to be introverted and shy. Coming up with things to do, besides coffee, actually gives me a little touch of anxiety. I’ll save this list for later…..I like the outdoor hiking idea!.

    • sarah
      | Reply

      As soon as our fall weather arrives I plan on hitting the trails a bit more to. Thanks for checking out the blog!

  2. Jeff
    | Reply

    Very nice blog.

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