I saw Rock City and it Rocked!

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1I hate not having a trip planned. If I’m in town too long I start to get antsy and slightly blue. I haven’t been out-of-town since september and it was starting to show. Since the weather man said the sun was coming out for a day I felt it necessary to take advantage of it while we had it. I grabbed some friends and off we went for a day trip to Chattanooga, TN. It’s only an hour and half drive so off we went!

First stop: the zoo. While not as big as the Atlanta zoo or with any big animals (elephants, giraffes) it really is a pretty zoo. It feels more like a park with some animals which was                                                       great for a day out in some much needed sunshine.

Up next was an adventure to a whiskey distillery. We knew nothing about whiskey and figured hey why not. We learned we don’t like whiskey. Tour was cool, but the whiskey not so much. So we went next door for afternoon coffee and truffles because we know we like coffee.

Last stop on our spontaneous trip was Rock City for the holiday lights. The light tour starts at 6 and recommend getting there early as the line was around the building when we finished the tour. This light display was by far the best I have seen. Don’t waste your money on any of the Atlanta area light extravaganzas. Take your money to Rock City. It’s also cheaper than Stone Mountain and Lake Lanier fitting my need for frugal fun.

What’s so special about these lights you ask?

For one you are outside walking around in the lights. You’re not trapped in your car looking through a window. You are able to notice the little things like the tiny cherry blossom lights wrapped in trees that were simply breathtaking. I want them in my yard year round. You get to stop and really take in the sights. They let a few people in at a time (again, get there early) to avoid one long slow-moving line. You can go at your own pace and if you want to stop and take it all in, you can. Car light tours make that hard to do. This also works in your favor if you stuck behind a slower moving group. You can get around them if need be. You also get to interact with others on the tour which is always nice.

They call this the enchanted garden of lights and it really is just that. We left feeling a little bit of Christmas Magic even after the holiday. The weather was just cool enough that it actually felt like Jack Frost was on his way. The enchanted Garden of Lights runs through January 2nd if you are needing a day out of the house. If not, put in on the calendar for next year. I will be planning a return trip for sure.

Do like the red bird house says and GO SEE ROCK CITY!

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