How wanting a free book lead me to my tribe

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A year ago I applied to be on Jen Hatmaker’s book launch team and get a free book before the release date. That’s really all launch teams are. Get a free book in exchange for promoting it on social media. I live life on a budget and a free book

sounded fun. I didn’t think my tiny little blog would hold up in the launch team selections but somehow I was selected and before I knew it I had a PDF version of the book and a new facebook group. If only I knew then how this group would impact me. I so wish I could write about each and every one of them and what they are doing and how God has been so loving to them. 

A year ago these women were just people who got the free book too. We chatted about the book for a while, but then some something wonderful took place. A community was built. A community of love and respect. A community where struggles are shared and accomplishments celebrated. A place to be seen and heard. Not even Jen or the Thomas Nelson publishing team could have predicted all of this or the launch party we had at her house.

At my church community group the other week we were given the question “who has had an impact on your life?” and I responded with this book launch group. When I was done talking about how much these women mean to mean a lady asked me what the name of the book was and when it was coming out. I couldn’t help but laugh as I told her “oh, like 6 months ago.”

This group hasn’t been about a book or the woman who wrote it. It’s a group that’s doing life together regardless of what stage of life we are in or where we live. Something I think our world needs a little more of.

To all my FTL sisters, You are my tribe and I love you dearly. To all the others reading this, have the courage to find your tribe. You are the

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