To The Man Marrying My Best Friend

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To The Man Marrying My Best Friend,

We so excited you are here! I wish you knew how many times we talked about the day you would arrive while we floated in a pool, had some coffee or went on a road trip. You were an unknown vision and now you are here! My best friend has her person and I just love that. She is the best, but you know this.

Your wedding season will be crazy, but good. I’m sure I will know more about your wedding plans than you will and I will know how she really feels about your mother. I will also watch her face light up when she talks about you and the vows you will share.She is so excited to marry you. It makes my heart so happy to see someone I love start this journey.  I am grateful for a front row seat to this story you two are writing.

The day will come and your big moment will be as you stand at the end of the aisle and see your bride for the first time. We are all so excited for that anticipated first look.However, she and I will have a moment too. A much quieter moment no one will see. Mine will be the morning of as I sit with her in our hotel bed talking about how wonderful you are and how we can’t believe the day is finally here. This day, the one  we dreamed about and wondered what it would look like and who would be the man at the end of the aisle. This moment will look like all the other conversations we had over the years, but it will well up my heart with emotions. As I hold tight to this precious moment with my best friend.

While she is your best friend, she’s mine too. Our history is deep and stories shared are sacred. Please respect this, as I respect your marriage. My person hasn’t shown up yet so I still need those conversations over coffee and dreams of what might be. I still need her and our friendship. I will hopefully one day need her wedding and marriage advice. And she still needs me too. So I ask that you encourage her to keep her girlfriends close just as I encouraged her on your first nervous date.

You are free to join in on our friendship. After all, you will need to make a comment about her mother under your breath at some point and I will be there for you too. I may even have a story or two about your bride you will just love to hear and she would hate for me to tell. I’m on your side. I will help plan that surprise gift/party/engagement you want for her too. I love her dearly and want nothing less than the best for her. If this means running interference so you can plan a surprise, count me in! She deserves all your love and then some. I would be honored to help. I know you are crazy about her and I wouldn’t stand for anything less. She deserves it all.

So welcome to our friendship, we’ve been waiting on you.


The best third wheel you ever met.


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