Here’s to the year of the unexpected

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Oh 2015 where do I even begin with you. I knew you’d be full of adventure and I was packed and ready for you. I started  you off just doing I wanted to find a new job and travel some. I had no resolutions or goals to check off the list. I simply wanted a year of change for the better and a little excitement for good measure. Needless to say you did not disappoint.

Image-1 (1)I started the year being a Door Holder (volunteer) at the Passion Conference in Atlanta. While I was there I bought a shirt with the phrase “Now I have a story to tell”. At the time  I didn’t really know why I bought this shirt other than that I liked it. It was soft and fit well. I’m usually not a fan of shirts with sayings because 1. They are usually dumb 2. You endorse what ever you wear. This shirt struck a chord with me so I figured why not buy it.

A few weeks later I would start writing my story by running a half marathon in Disney world. A first for me and not the last. I will be returning this April for the Start Wars half. Running this little race was more emotional than I thought and left me with a feeling of accomplishment.

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By some miracle I ended up on Jen Hatmaker’s Book launch team. To say this experience was unexpected was an understatement. Jen just wanted her people to endorse and launch her book and we just wanted a free book. In Jen’s words “you are the greatest gift of 2015 that I never knew to ask for”. We all agree. LIttle did I know this book tribe would give me a sense of belonging and encouragement. Jen would invite us to her house and we would actually go. Yes, I bought I plane ticket to a city I’ve never been too and hung out with people I’ve never truly met outside of Facebook. I could go on and on about this experience because it’s still going. We have another book to launch and I’m not sorry if you find it annoying.

2015 saw travels of many kind from beaches of St. Augustine to the mountains of Montana (I love you, Montana.) aImage-1nd a long over-due family vacation spent on the gulf coast Each trip unique and wonderful.

This year taught me that I matter in my little space and God’s plans for me are unexpected and wonderful. It’s hard to trust when you can’t see the next turn around the corner, but He’s got you. I promise.

This year was filled with a new job on in an unexpected but good place. Unexpected good things confirming what I wasn’t sure of.  I’m finishing the year with an impromptu girls trip to my 7th city of the year. It seems fitting to end this chapter doing something unexpected.

What were you unexpected moments this year?

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  1. Debbie Larson
    | Reply

    I so look forward to your Blog. I live vicariously through you. You have such a gift. Happy New Year!!

    • sarah
      | Reply

      Thanks Debbie! I’m trying to keep life as exciting as I can.

  2. Dana White
    | Reply

    Meeting you! As crazy as it may seem, I was unsure of having a “roommate” that I had never met, wasn’t sure if we would get along, or even I would even like them. And then, God sent me you! You’ve become an amazing co-teacher alongside me, you’ve shared For The Love and opened me to a community of women with my same struggles, and we’ve bonded, even over the dreaded 5K. I’m so thankful that you joined our “family” at SPMS!

    • sarah
      | Reply

      I’m glad I have you for rant days and stupid youtube video days 🙂

  3. darryl carlbom
    | Reply

    Sarah. What a fantastic year 2015 was for you. So many great experiences. It warms my heart to read of all the great blessing you enjoyed this past year. I am very confident that all of your years in the future, are going to be very much the same, and MORE. That will be due to the person that you are. Pure in heart and soul. Love and hugs to you, all your family, especially my great friends Earl and Rosalee.

    Darryl ” Pop ” Carlbom

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