Friday Five- Five Generations

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What’s the Friday Five you ask? It’s a link up of other blogs where each friday we have a topic and run with it. We all link up our blogs (bottom of post) so you can see how we interpreted each topic. Plus it is Friday and I get to wear jeans to work so we should have fun here too. This week’s Topic: 5 Generations.

While thinking about this topic I wasn’t sure where to go with it. Maybe I would write about the women in my family or something deep but then I heard on the radio that Nickelodeon is creating an all 90’s shows channel and I was entirely too excited about it. While pondering my blog I realized I have no idea what my great-great grandmother’s life was like. I assume it involved a butter churn and a wagon. Then I realized who knows what 5 generations from now won’t know about us. But I do know they will be missing out on some really great pop culture moments. The 90’s were so weird. Technology was looming and fashions we’re just a little off point. Okay, a lot off point. So Here are some things 5 generations from now will totally be missing out on.

  1. Legends of the Hidden temple and GUTS. I don’t know which I wanted to be on more. Do I want to climb through the tomb and build the monkey buddha or do I want to climb the accro crag and win it all.

  2. TRL and waiting to see if your request would scroll across the screen. They just don’t make after school specials like that any more.
  3. Trying to decide which Lisa Frank item to buy. Just so many colors and do I get the unicorn or the dolphin? Life was so tough. images
  4. Your finest educational moments provided by Magic School Bus,  Bill Ney and Wishbone. I am 90% certain I would have bombed english in high school if I did not have Wishbone to reference when trying to understand the Iliad245127
  5. Our Jewelry. I know the 90’s fashion trends are kinda back (omg, please leave) but let’s be real. Our fashion exseries were on point. Holographic peace sign necklace, those wiry choker things, slap bracelets, and all the cool kid’s favorite… the shell necklace. It went so well with an Abercrombie shirt. These fine pieces will become family heirlooms I’m sure of it. image

I know some of these horrid trends will cycle back through or evolve in some terrible way one day. Some of them already have…….There’s no telling what the next few generations will have to reminisce on. But in the mean time I’ll be waiting on the return of Full House on netflix. So excited!!!!



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    Oh my word! I love your take on this one!! Lisa Frank–be still my rainbow heart! Thanks for linking up! #FridayFive

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