Friday Five: Creating Joy

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JoyIn high school I had a teacher give a lesson on the difference between happiness and joy and that’s the first time I learned that those words weren’t exactly synonyms. In short; happiness is a temporary feeling and joy is a state of being. In efforts to heal from grief I’ve spent time looking at the little things in life that make it worthwhile. I’ve focused on the things that help create and sustain my joy verses momentary bliss and happiness.

My joys this year and holiday season are simple.

My little book/supper club- You all are warming my heart and giving me a safe place to be. You are encouraging and wise. Our talks and meals shared are dear to my heart and have filled a void that has been vacant for some time. You have broken me of my daily routine that was wearing me down and sparked new life and hopes for something to come. Thank you for accepting the invitation.

My out of town friends- To Taylor, Megan, and Melissa. Thank you for your hospitality this summer and letting me travel to visit. Bringing much joy to my adventurous, yet financially limited, spirit. You left me with great memories and aMay your walls know joy; May every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility longing of not wanting my summer to be over. Taylor our time together is dear and I can’t believe we are still the best of friends despite living in separate states for the past 9 years. Meg, for being the cutest little hostess with your basket of treats in my room and answering my 1,000 questions about military life. Lastly, my crazy snow loving Melissa, You are so worth the full day of travel it takes to reach Montana but you opened a new world to me and showed me the most spectacular place I have ever been privileged to explore. So much Joy from you three.

My For the Love of writing group. You are encouraging and inspiring. I Love #the500 but our little group that has branched from this tribe is just wonderful. When the well has run dry you guys are there sparking new life into my new found dream. You are all are running your race well and I can’t wait to see how this little tribe grows and leaves our mark on the world.

Our world is so instant now its getting in the way of our joy in my opinion. Life is better when it’s slower and filled with quality. My challenge to you this holiday season is to buy gifts that create joy over happiness. Avoid the toys your kids will break or forget about by time Easter rolls around. Buy a bike which will foster family days at the park and riding around the neighborhood. Board games and puzzles the whole family can find fun in. Even if this means you will be playing a thousand rounds of shoots and ladders, you’re playing with your kids and that leads to joy. For grown ups a fire pit where you can invite friends and family over to fellowship and live life in a perfect gift. S’more’s pair well with this. Puzzles, tickets to events, craft projects and many more gifts can lead to joy. So slow down a little and look for moments to build joy not happiness.

What are you best gift ideas to build joy?

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  1. Kelly S
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    “Life is better when it’s slower and filled with quality.” This is getting tweeted, sister. I love this and will soak in the wisdom here for a bit. As for gifts, we always give movies and then enjoy watching them together on Christmas day.

  2. Brooke
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    i definitely find joy as the writer ladies help me hone my craft as well.

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