Finish Lines and Finisher Medals

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Is it just me, or do you have a crazy friend who is usually at fault for your impulsive shenanigans?
I do.
Her name is Katie.

Katie will say something simple as “Oh I’m going on a mission trip to Africa this summer” and I reply with “Oh I want to go too” and put down my deposit on the same day. This isn’t the only time she’s taken advantage of my impulsive decision making. It’s her fault I woke at up 3:30 in the morning to run a half marathon around Disney World. I need someone to blame my ridiculous life choices on and today I chose Katie.

In true Katie and Sarah fashion, we were nearing the end of our half marathon and Katie decides she wants to really run the last mile and finish with a bang. Not one to be left out, I agreed to run the last mile as fast as our legs would allow. CLEARLY, I WAS NOT THINKING LIKE A SANE PERSON.


Mile marker 12 is in our sights as we approach Epcot and Katie takes off. Soon I followed because Katie is a terrible influence on my precious life. I’m not a fast runner. Never have been, never will be. However, in my mind, I ran as if I were Flow-Jo at the Olympics. In reality, I’m pretty sure I ran slightly above the turtle speed setting on a lawn mower. I was living proof of newton’s third law of gravity and I was an object in motion and would not stop until another object made me stop. Even if it were at a turtle’s pace. I just wanted to finish.

As we approached the final 1.1 miles outside of Epcot, the crowd began to grow and motivate us to finish strong. My body ached to be done, but I couldn’t see the finish line. As I came into Epcot, where the finish line was alleged to be according to the race program, I eagerly looked for it, but couldn’t see the giant inflatable with the glorious word “Finish” on it. The course map listed to finish line in Epcot and I was in Epcot but didn’t see the finish. Every turn I took I longed for that sight. I longed to be done running this dumb race and sit down because I was D-O-N-E. I desperately needed the finish line in my sight.

As I ran I noticed one of the spectators telling us “you’re almost there!” and I just wanted to grab him by his collar and demand he tell me the location of the finish line because I couldn’t see it and he clearly knew where it was. 

I just wanted to finish and be done. To not hurt and to simply rest a weary body. Oh, and I wanted my shiny finisher medal.

Life is full of mile markers and finish lines we can’t see. These races were running are not lined with supporters cheering us on. Some days we’re all alone on the path and we can’t see the finish line. Maybe that’s you, running a race and the finish line in an unknown location. Maybe you’re at mile one and staring down a long road to the finish. The point is, we all have finish lines we are running towards whether we know where they are or not.

When my family crossed the finish line of a life with leukemia, no one handed us a finisher’s medal. So often we cross finish lines in the quiet with no cheering section. No one hands us a medal to wear a badge of courage. No medal to tell the world I attempted a challenging event and I finished.

But there’s good news to this race we’re all running, it does have a finish line for us. A finish line where life is celebrated and weary broken souls are healed. When Jesus was on the cross He told us where that finish line was as He uttered the words “It is finished”.
Whether you are starting 2017 standing at a start line with an unknown course or You find yourself on mile 8 and no sight of a finish line, remember this race has already been finished by a savior who gave it all for you. So give it all for Him as you run your race.

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    congrats on your accomplishment!
    and yes, often that last 0.1 is the most difficult (in racing and in life)

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