Finding the Magic in the Mundane

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I didn’t ask for a long 50-minute commute, but that’s where the good lord put me, so I drive. Monday thru Friday, August through May I make the drive from one town to the next for work. I wasn’t crazy about the drive when I first started. It just seemed so long and I felt like it killed my evenings after work. While I have friends that live out that way, I’m not sure its where I want to settle just yet. If I was looking to buy a house and start a family it would be a decent place to settle, but that’s not my plan at the moment.

As the leaves began to change I began to adjust to my commute. It wasn’t so bad after all. I drive the opposite direction from morning rush hour and get to laugh at all the fools sitting on 75 south into Atlanta. Yes, I may drive more miles than them, but I doubt they spend less time in the car. I can listen to music or podcast if I want, or nothing at all on my morning rides. It’s just a simple time to gear up for the day and week ahead or to just ponder the weird trajectory my life is on.

But the best part of my morning commute, a drive around Lake Allatoona at sunrise.IMG_0735

Each morning a different story unfolds over the calm waters. Some days the sky is a palette of pinks and oranges picked up by the water below. Other days the clouds roll in and  the fog creeps up from the water as if wanting to become a cloud. Most days the water is as still and peaceful like the first sip of coffee before the day begins. Other mornings, mother nature has shown her power and the waves seem to skip around the shoreline.

When summer gives way to fall and  the leaves change, I can’t help but want to sit and take in the beauty every morning. But then I’d be late to work, so I keep driving. Then slowly the leaves fall off their branches and a portion of the lake is drained. To my left, a lake filled with water and all the life that comes with nature that enjoys the winter season. To my right, a stark contrast, an empty lake basin made of Georgia’s finest clay beings to dry and crack. Even with it’s cracking surface, it is equally as beautiful as the life-giving side to my left. A gentle reminder that even when life gets hard, it’s still glorious in its own broken way.IMG_0742

Then slowly life is ushered in for a new season. The water rises and once again, the trees begin to dance. And there she sits in her glory each morning. Calm and still. Waiting for a summer filled with people enjoying all she has to offer.

Each day a new story is written at sunrise; different colors, different life. A new beginning to each chapter written for the day ahead. A gentle reminder from our creator about how beautiful our life is. He created the world with so much beauty and detail for us to see and remind us that we are just a beautiful.

So no, I don’t hate my slightly long commute because my days start like this.IMG_0728

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  1. Renee McDonald
    | Reply

    Love it! Gonna share with my husband who is on 75 south when you’re heading north. Lol.

    Well written. Nice read this summer morning. Hope you’re

    • sarah
      | Reply

      Oh he’s one of those people I laugh at every morning. Feel free to share. 🙂

  2. Rosalee Whitley
    | Reply

    Awesome Sarah May-My favorite Granddaughter. Thank you for sharing. You are very special.

  3. Donna Lehr
    | Reply

    Love to read your stories! It’s not easy taking something as mundane as a ride to work and make a story!

    • sarah
      | Reply

      I had a lot of time to think on those car rides too! Thanks for reading the post.

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