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This weekend our National Parks Service will celebrate their centennial year of existence. If you’re bad at math, that’s 100 years.


Do you know which park was the very first park created?


It was good ole Yellowstone.

In 1872 Yellowstone Park became the first national park created for the preservation of the land and enjoyment of any one who visited. The preserving of our land is in great thanks to President Roosevelt. In the midst of his grief following the loss of his wife and mother, President Theodore Roosevelt retreated to the woods and realized the greatness these lands could play in a person’s life. During his term as president, he created more parks, animal sanctuaries, and protected forest giving the parks the attention they deserved. As time went on, the National Parks Services was created to not only protect the lands, but make sure we enjoy them too. These parks were created for us and future generations to enjoy to their fullest.

If you’ve never experienced one of our parks or even nature for that matter, you are missing out. Being in nature has been said to foster creativity and I couldn’t agree more. Only when you stand at the base of Rockies and look up at their peaks, do you realize how small you are. But it’s only at the bottom where you feel small, for when you hike to the top, you feel as though you have conquered the world.

Mountains can do that to a person.

So in efforts to celebrate our parks I figured I would simply post some of my favorite pictures from my explorations of our National Parks.




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Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park


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