Fear in the Frozen: Learn to Let it go

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As the snow continues to pile up by the foot in the north-east, I sit out my couch in Georgia and watch the last bit of our 1 inch of snow disappear. While this snowstorm hitting the northeast is nothing to be made light of, down here it wasn’t much.

Two years ago this very week a storm known as snowmageddon brought the state of Georgia to a frozen standstill. Many of us remember it and the first mention of snow sends us into a panic often made fun of by those above the mason dixon. So when the trusty weather reporters begin to talk about snow, accumulation and the dreaded ice, we Fear Notpanic. Fear takes over all our logic and we quickly give way to the snow panic. People don’t go to work, kids that went to school are let out early. Why? Because of fear. Grocery stores are wiped clean and selling more groceries in 48 hours than they do the week of Christmas. All of this panic for fear of being frozen again.

Despite our education that tells us water freezes at 32 degrees and our local weather won’t drop below 35 till after sunset, we panic. We panic because that one time it did go wrong and many were miserable. Did I grab some gloves and my all-weather shoes to stash in my car? absolutely. Isn’t the boy scouts motto, “always be prepared”? Solid advice from our little popcorn sellers. Despite knowing I would be fine when I left work to make it home,I still prepared.

The words “fear not” are in the bible at least 80 times with another 30-40 mentions of similar phrases. Yet here we all are. Fearing an inch of snow because of that one time it was bad.

We can’t base all future experiences because of one past experience. We can’t cower to fear every time a similar situation arises. God doesn’t use fear, the enemy does. Fear can send us running to the store to buy supplies we don’t need, and leave us to hunker down when we could have logged a full days work. Maybe you feared the snow and maybe you didn’t. Somewhere there is a fear in your life that’s sending you to act irrationally or over dramatically. So trust the big guy with your day and tell the little fear monster to sit down and shut up.

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  1. brooke
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    same here, only we’re still reeling from the blizzard of 93.
    i’m very fearful when it comes to surrender, but definitely need to tell it to shut up!

    • sarah
      | Reply

      I remember the blizzard of 93!

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