Dear Elizabeth McCord, I wish you were real.

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Have you ever met a character you knew you would be best friends with if only he or she were real? The ones you miss when you finish a book or the ones that help you live a thousand lives all while standing right where you are. You know the ones who seem to hold all the best qualities and you’re fairly certain if you went on vacation together, it would be splendid.

While I’m partial to the book kind and not the Hollywood type, I have found my fictional hero in a television show and she’s a freaking bad ass.

Her name is Elizabeth McCord and she is the Secretary of State on the CBS show, Madam Secretary. I know she’s not real, but oh how I wish she were. My mind thinks Madam Secretary is a “reality” show and not an actual scripted show half the time. I know the line is a little blurry on the whole “reality” part of tv these days, but I don’t care. I’m pretending it’s real life. Maybe it’s Téa Leoni who plays Elizabeth the seals the deal or it’s the brilliant writing on the show. Either way, this show is nailing it.

While this political show takes make no party affiliation, it’s oddly mirrors real life events despite being written well before air date. When Donald Trump made his comment about the Russian’s hacking us, I panicked because that was actually happening in the show. I was four year old unable to separate fiction and reality. I know, I have a problem.

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I’ve adored Jane and Maura from Rizzoli and Isles for years.Two kick ass women in my book, even if they are fictional. When I found out the show would end after the summer 2016 season, I was devastated. I didn’t think I would ever find another strong female lead character. A role so overlooked in television. We need more leading ladies who lead. One who is intelligent yet funny. Who is strong, but not a bitch. A woman who can hold her own with men without losing her feminine qualities. We need more women like this on our television.

As all television romances begin, I discovered my new favorite leading lady on a lazy afternoon with netflix. I was hooked on episode 1 and haven’t looked back since. I’ve been irritated when travel has interrupted my ability to watch the next few episodes because you can’t just watch one with Netflix. 

Maybe it’s my inability to separate fiction and reality, or maybe it’s my longing for this to be an accurate portrayal of our government, but either way, I’m convinced that if I went to visit our nation’s capital, she would be there. I’m also fairly certain I would look for her too. Every episode I watch, I find myself wanting to be her best friend. I feel like we’d get along so well. Elizabeth McCord, please be real??? please?

Maybe it’s because it’s election season (Jesus, be near) and I’d like to think a secretary of state is this classy and badass all at the same time, but we all know what Hillary did. Maybe this political season has me longing for this show because, in reality, we need an Elizabeth McCord calling the shots. I hate politics, but I would so be her campaign manager. I just love her so.


While I loved Téa Leoni in Fun with Dick and Jane from 2005, her role as Elizabeth is spectacular. I know without a doubt I would be one of those weird people who believes an actress is her actual character if I met her. I have met enough famous people to know how to keep it in check around them, but I just admire her too much.  For all I know Téa Leoni is terribly dull. I doubt she is, but this Elizabeth character has set the bar pretty high.

I’ve lost all self-control when it comes to watching this show on Netflix. I’ve almost finished the 2 seasons currently on Netflix and I’m not sure I can survive until season three airs on CBS this October. Having to only watch one episode a week is going to be a serious struggle in my world.

I’ve convinced a few friends to watch because I’m a loyal enabler to my people. Feel free to join me and my new best friend, Elizabeth,on this show. You have two months to watch the 45 episodes on netflix before season three starts so hop to it!

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    I love, love Madam Secretary!!! I DVR it & watch it later because I hate commercials… Let me know if you have a girls night & we can even do it at my house…btw…to bad Hillary will never add up to this Madam Secretary…just saying!

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