Being an Athletic Girl is in style…. finally.

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I’m finally in style. It only took 25 years to be cool to be athletic. I’d like to thank Brandi Chastain in the 99′ women’s world cup for getting this movement going so many years ago. It still took a good decade to really make being a female athlete cool but it’s here. It’s been a long time coming my friends. I’d like to think I was just so in fashion I was a decade a head of the others. 

I have tried to be in style, I have. It’s just that I really, really hate shopping. God forbid I need to go buy new jeans. I may or may not wear a pair of my brother’s old pants that no longer fit him because they actually fit me correctly. When it comes to shopping, I’m good for one or two stores and they better not have crowds. To all the older girls who lived on my street and current friends who regularly clean out their closets and give me the good stuff; I thank you for keeping me semi in style all while avoiding shopping.
It’s not that I don’t want to be super girly, I just don’t care and spend my time/money else where. Take for instance Middle and High School. On the days I put on my little one thing of eye shadow, it was warn off by third period and I just didn’t care to put more on. To reapply I would have had to do one of the following: walk through a very crowded hall to get to a bathroom to get a tiny mirror to put it back on and that is totally do-able, I just HATE being late to things and being late to class just wasn’t an option for something dumb like make up. I could also carry a mirror and make up with me but that would require a bag of some sort and my school supplies were enough to keep up with. I also had soccer every other day and saw no need to put on make up before hitting the fields. 
Back in day, the women’s athletic section was oh so very tiny and majority of it in pink. They were bleak times my friend. I remember when the soccer store got girls cleats for the first time. Now we have entire stores dedicated to women’s fitness and all the athletic gear we could need and not in pink. Whether we actually work out in said clothes is another story, but a girl can dream. Times have changed and it’s wonderful. Athletic clothes are in and I am finally in style…..kinda. 
Like most people, my clothes reflect my mood. Last spring I looked a hot mess 6 out of 7 days. Cause I was. Grief is so fun. My clothes also factor in my whole day. I dress for the majority of my day and being comfortable for such majority. Don’t expect me to get all fancy for six flags. Lastly, weather. I live in Georgia and it’s currently 80…….in April. It’s a little warm down below the mason-dixon and I just want to be comfortable. I’d wear shorts but apparently having them only as long as your underwear is a thing, and I just can’t do that. So a cotton sun dress it is. 
My hair has always been a topic of conversation with “Why don’t you wear it down more?” Again- below the mason-dixon. I have freakishly thick hair. Both of my parents were given the gift of hair so their spawn got really, really thick hair. It took me a few years to learn to tame this beast my friends. Our family hair stylist, Brittany (she’s awesome) will speak on my behalf. The phrase “Omg, It looks like a dead animal on the ground” has been used after a trim. Also, I hate hair in my face. HATE-IT. And pony tails and messy buns are in. So again, I was a decade a head of you. 
Here’s the equation: Mood + majority of day + weather = outfit
To those of you who look cute all the days of the week. I commend you. I admire your cute style and would gladly help you clean out your closet. However, I draw the line at monogram Monday. If you want to do my shopping for me. I will gladly give you some money, ok not much money cause I also hate paying for clothes. But feel free to shop for me on a budget. 
Now shopping at REI and Nike running shorts are in. Title Nine and LuluLemon, I love you but I am a teacher and can hardly afford your sale rack. But still I love you. I’m glad that being an athletic girl is cool and I hope it stays. Healthy isn’t skinny and muscles don’t make you look a like a man, but there’s a limit to the muscles one. So lets all accept each other as we are with how we dress cause you don’t know what some one’s dressing equation is. 

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