About the Author

Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m just a 28 year old living north of Atlanta in a town where civil war reenactments are a normal thing but not overshadowed by a Gone with the Wind Museum. I started a Blog in 2012 when my Dad was diagnosed with Leukemia. I was tired of answering the same questions and educating the world on Leukemia so I figured I’d put all the info in one place. While I was running the family blog I found a new gift in writing. After many, many people suggesting I really have a blog, I eventually gave in and now here we are.

I’m firm believer that friends and food should be of quality not quantity. Nights on porches filled with laughter beat any night on the town. Over the past few years I have learned that life is kinda unpredictably crazy and we really have don’t much control in how it goes. I love Jesus and can occasionally be a little sarcastic. So thanks for checking out my crazy mayhem I call my life.