A Trip Down the Essential Oils Rabbit Hole- Living on Less Chemicals

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less-oilsMy facebook has been overrun with essential oils people and I’m not sure what to make of it all. I’ve seen parents try to help kids focus in school by using them and I’m not 100% sold on that one, but other oil lovers claim to alleviate allergies and minor skin irritations and I think you oil people may be onto something. While doing my research for making my own cleaning products for this month, I noticed the use of a few oils. I have decided to make it part of my no chemical’s month.
I’ve learned that oils have been around since the beginning of time. Ok, maybe not right away, but they’re old and are mentioned in the bible. So, close enough? While I’m trying to take a more natural approach to my health and oils have been used in ancient medical practices I am open to the idea of their use. I realize doctors once thought if a person was sick, draining the blood from their body was a solid idea to get rid of it and that is a terrible idea. I’m all for modernized medicine too. Not everything that was once done was a great idea and I’m thankful for the medical advances we’ve made. I believe in a happy medium in the two and that’s what I’m aiming for with these oils.
While I’m skeptical on oils, I’m also on a budget. I’ve decided to go the budget friendly route on oils before making a solid investment in all things oil. I found a lovely little shelf at Marshalls and TjMaxx that sell a few brands of oils ranging from $3-$7 a piece. That is a price I can work with for something I’m not sure of yet.
Now before all you Young Living and DoTerra oil people get on your platform about your brand being far superior, and tell me more than I care to learn about how your oils are made, hush it. I looked up the brands being sold and I’m content with the quality of their oils. Maybe I’ll buy your fancy stuff later on, but for now it’s budget friendly oils. 
I have also found this diffuser on amazon for $35 and it’s working fabulously. I’m a fan of the all-natural wood look 715tldahvql-_sl1280_compared to the light up orb which appears to be the look of so many diffusers.
By buying my diffuser online and a few starter oils at discount, I’m saving about 100 bucks compared to a starter pack offered by aforementioned companies.
One observation I’ve noticed is that oil companies aren’t allowed to name their oils for what they do (i.e. allergies) Somewhere in this world a highly educated legal team met in a room to settle this issue on the naming of oils and the legality of it all. While I think this ruling is a little dumb, I appreciate the creativity and play on words now used to name oils. For example, an oil to help with PMS and is called dragon time. That is both genius and accurate. I may buy it for the name alone.


While the oil industry still has a thing or two to learn about naming products from the nail polish world, I like a little humor and fun in my day to day life and welcome their names.
Maybe you have consumed the essential oils kool-aid and are all in when it comes to using them. Personally, I’m taking a more wade into the water approach on them. Maybe I’ll join your essential oils parade and tell everyone I know about them, but for now, I will put them in my cleaning products and diffuse a few to help with my seasonal sniffles. Oh and maybe Dragon Time.
I think I’m cautiously optimistic on the oils and would love any input on how you use them.
I’ve made a fun little print out if you’re new the oils world like me. There’s a lot of information out there and it’s hard to make sense of it all. Feel free to download it!


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