A Little Bit Less For A Little Bit More: Chemicals

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I have a thing for laundry detergent. I notice it on other people. Don’t worry, I’m not weird or anything. Or maybe I am, but that’s not the point. I don’t walk up to people and take a close whiff of their shirt like a freak.less-chemicals That’s just weird, but growing up I always found myself jealous of kids wearing good clean smelling clothes.

My childhood was plagued by laundry detergent labeled “free and clear” as Dad had sensitive skin and couldn’t take the perfumes. When I moved out and controlled the laundry detergent purchasing I overcompensated a bit. I spent more time that one person should trying to find just the right scent for my clothes. I was the weirdo smelling laundry detergent on isle 12 and I wasn’t sorry for it. It was as if I were a child given $15 unsupervised near a concession stand.
Now I know better. Those great smelling laundry detergents contain nothing but chemicals. I recently found out I’m suffering from adrenal fatigue and while it’s nothing major in the medical world, it was leaving me exhausted from day-to-day living. While I believe mine came more from stress and trauma over chemicals, I doubt they helped. So I’m setting out to live on fewer chemicals and more natural products. I figured we’re all curious about this all natural way of life these days, so I will be your guinea pig and get back to you with the results.

A few areas I plan on exploring with my mission to live with fewer chemicals are:

  • Essential Oils- I see you oil people on facebook and I want to know what all this oil living thing is. Is this a fad or is it legit? And if so how legit? I doubt your oils will cure me, but I’m pretty sure they will help. I’ve purchased a diffuser and a few oils to help navigate this rabbit hole I’m slightly skeptical of. Maybe I’ll join your bandwagon on this and maybe I’ll just wave as you drive by.
  • Cleaning products- Opening a window to let out the fumes should not be a requirement of cleaning a small bathroom. While I’ve long ago given up my scented laundry detergent obsession, it’s time to get rid of it all. I’m fairly certain I can make a few cleaning products that are friendly to cleaning small confined spaces.
  • Body Products- I’m done putting crap on my skin. Our skin is our largest organ and a vital one. We need to care for it beyond wearing sunscreen. I’ve discovered an app called “talk dirty” (bonus points for a play on words) and you can beauty products and it not only rates them but tells you what’s in it. This app has saved me serious time in my researching and purchasing. I’ve also been shocked by a few products I thought were clean. More to come on that one.

I’m fairly certain this is the series on the blog is where things will get weird as I go further and further down the rabbit hole. I’m not sure what I am trying to make room for in my life with less chemicals, but that’s half the fun in this project. Then unexpected revelations.

If you have any productions or mixtures you just love and are chemical free, let me know!

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