Why We Make A Big Deal About The World Cup

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As many of you know, the 2014 World Cup has begun in Brazil and will be for the next month. The highlights will consume your sport center and even some morning talk shows. Mainly because there are no other major sports taking place during the summer outside of baseball leaving the world void of sports highlight reals. I have had repeated discussions with friends who are clueless about this world and feel it’s important I bridge this gap so we can all get along this summer. While many of you will jump on this band wagon of liking soccer, here is a break down of why we make a big deal about this.

1. It only happens every four years- March Madness, Superbowl, World Series: those are yearly and often repeatedly dominated by a few teams. Sorry Miami. 

2. All the good soccer players are in one location- During non-world cup years they are off playing all over the world in various leagues. So for one month we get them all in the same tournament and get to watch all our favorites play our other favorites.

3. It’s the one time we don’t have to ask the bar tender to change the channel to get the game, and that’s banking that they have it. For one month we own the bar tvs. You are free to join us in our viewing and we welcome all new soccer fans. 

4. Crazy things happen in soccer. Like an own goal in the opening game BY BRAZIL who is hosting the world cup. Or the former world cup champs losing 5-1 in their first game. Oh and that time the US scored in the first 30 seconds of the game. Those aren’t exciting at all. 

5. Americans aren’t the best and probably won’t win. And you know, it’s kinda nice not being the number one seed. As fans, We just want to see them do well with their tough group play. We won our first game and with a win in our next game can make it out of our group.  I know the “group of death” means nothing to you all dear non-soccer fans, but we believe in our team and we believe they will get out of group play. We are not expecting a world cup victory from our boys, but we know they can compete at this level. 

6. The rest of the world goes nuts over this event, so to those of you non-world cuppers, you are truly the odd man out on this one.

7.  In the greatest display of sportsmanship, the players swap jerseys after the game and walk around with their shirts off. I am sure none of my male soccer buddies make much of this moment. But for us girls, it makes it worth it.

So to those of you who know nothing about this sport and do not understand the hype. We welcome you to our celebration. Feel free to join us. May you see the beauty and excitement in the game. 

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