When the Bells Stop

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It’s the first week of summer and I’m so out of sorts. Another year in the books, another group educated and sent on to the next grade. From now on the students from this year will simply be referred to as the loud group. Each group I teach earn’s its own name on its own merit. This past one is the loud group… so very, very loud.

But with the chaos of last few weeks over, it’s time for summer and the beginning of summer struggle.When The Bells Stop (1)

What is this summer struggle you ask?

Let me tell you.

It’s the first week of summer where we as teachers learn to function like normal human beings again.

It’s so hard ya’ll.

No bell schedule to dictate my day and tell me what to do and where to go. I’m no longer operating in increments of five-minute periods and I am suddenly aware of how many hours are in one day. My bladder has been on a strict schedule and isn’t quite sure what to do now. The ability to use the restroom as I please without fear that my students will set fire to the building is overwhelming.

Then there’s my stomach who is also on a schedule. I’m ready for lunch at 11 because that’s what I’ve done for the past 10 months. Each day I get up eager to tackle the list that’s been waiting for summer, only to have my stomach demand to be fed right in the middle of my productivity. The flip side to this is completely skipping lunch because Pavlo forgot to ring the bell.

I just can’t function properly.

On the off-chance I give in to my grumbling stomach, I have to actually make my lunch while hungry. This whole making a lunch in the middle of the day thing. WHAT IS THIS?? As much as I am so over a packed lunch every single day, forgetting that I’m going to need to actually make a lunch to eat is hard. I forget that I’m going to be hungry at 11 o’clock in the morning and I find myself famished by noon. I’ve forgotten what I typically eat for lunch, leaving me to stand at the fridge aimlessly while the ability to make a proper lunch escapes me. Where is my lunch box and why is it empty?

Finally, I make lunch and eat it in 10 minutes. Only to realize the next bell isn’t ringing and I could take my sweet time to eat my lunch. I could even get caught up on my DVR shows while I eat because I no longer need to supervise boys who tend to turn lunch into a science lab where they create their own concoctions of Michelle Obama approved lunch food.

Some days I even remember that I can go to lunch with a friend. Or my personal favorite, brunch. Food from the outside is gold in teacher world and I will take full advantage of these two meal options for the remainder of the summer. It’s like giving a kid $20 to the concession stand and he buys all the soda he can carry because mom doesn’t keep any in the fridge at home and he’s been set free.

Just like my stomach and bladder who live and die by a bell schedule, my brain still thinks the alarm is going off at 5:45 and that’s just a swell time to wake up. It’s not. I’m a morning person by nature and that’s fine, but 5:45 is entirely too much early morningness for me. Stupid bells.

IMG_0667Then there’s this whole, I’m still an adult with responsibilities thing. I don’t know if I want to blow off all responsibility and just go travel and float in the pool, or actually, accomplish a few things with my summer. I want to make up for all the Friday nights I crawled into bed at 8:30 because I was so drained from the week. I’m absolutely certain I am not over compensating one tiny bit.

I just spent 10 months being a responsible adult and I’m so over it.

So here I sit on the first week of summer figuring out how to function again. No bells to tell me when to do things and no desk calendar to reference for the week’s task. Trying to remember how to function properly. Slowly I’ll learn to function again and be productive with all the things I don’t get to in a school year. But for now, I’ll just sit in the pool with my beverage and wait for the bell to tell me when to get up.

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