When a book comes to life- No, this isn’t Reading Rainbow

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In college my thesis paper that I so lovingly wrote was about the Elaboration Likelihood Model.  I know….. bear with me on this one. Let me summarize this lovely 20 page thesis paper I wrote without cursing my professor or college (not). The more you engage with others about a message you’ve been exposed to, the more impact the message will have on you. Shocking information I know. Pretty sure I wrote in 12.5 font in desperation expanding this concept. I have B.S. in communication. For real though, that’s what the paper says.

With all of this prior knowledge on such a deep topic; I shouldn’t have been so surprised when I saw a book come to life. Being on Jen Hatmaker’s Launch team was and is more than any of us could have imagined. What started as “Hey wouldn’t it be fun to let my readers promote the book instead of fancy book people” turned into “Hey, you guys want to come over to my house for a cook out?” Who does that?! Jen does, that’s who. By being on this group (AKA #the500) I saw the pages and words come to life. A book about grace, community and like Jen says “Be kind, Be you, Love Jesus”.

In this group We encouraged one another to take things off our beam and put things on it  that matter. We cheered on as we took steps outside our comfort box in search of community. Through this group a safe place was created. Real, honest struggles were shared and prayed for. Prayer request for those we love dearly or situations we were going through but couldn’t post on normal social media. Foster parents, to be adopters, single, married, young,old,writers,graphic artist,pen pals, merchandise for charity, coffee mug swappers, graduations, interviews, supper clubs, bible studies, dub smash contest, meet-ups, new friends, helping people move, new babies and loss of babies, honesty, truth, guidance. These are a few things from the group. No one came with an ego or motive. We gathered around this book and brought it to life in a way we couldn’t have dreamed. It brought us to life.

In a few days a bunch of us will gather the Hatmaker farm-house, cause why not? I have my golden ticket (literally) and I-am-going. I can’t wait to meet these crazy fun lovely women and just celebrate all of us and this book. Oh and Jen too.


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