To Infinity And Beyond or Just Really Over Par

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TO INFINITYAND BEYONDI’ve always been good at sports. Once upon a time, I was self-conscious about my athletic ability as a girl because clearly out running all the boys is the reason I’m single. Now being an athletic girl is in style and more than ok, so I’ve gotten over it.

On my recent trip to Disney world (more to come on that) we headed over to the Swan and Dolphin Resort for a round of put-put. Sometimes you need a chill day from all things Disney and this sounded perfect. Who doesn’t love a casual game of put-put? It’s Disney.


The resort offered two courses inspired by Disney’s Fantasia with 18 holes. When we arrived they described the courses as the following. One has all the crazy obstacles and one is more like regular golf with just the bunkers and stuff.The line for the cute one was a little longer so we opted for the “more like real golf” route.
Here’s where we went wrong.

I thought this would be just a little less Disney and crazy ramps to hit a ball over. More just natural turns and what nots in the course.

We realized after one hole we weren’t playing put-put but actual golf. My Par 4 hole took me 6 strokes or maybe that’s where I gave up. Taylor managed to send a ball into the bushes across the street. Safe to say we weren’t in Kansas anymore.IMG_0311

The next few holes proceeded to be “a little over par”. Balls were sent to the bush, the sidewalk, the pretend sand pit, the drain and under some rocks.

Here’s the deal. I’m good at sports. I pick them up quickly, it’s just what I do. My dad always told me to play golf. All athletes play golf. It’s a mind game because you’re competing against yourself and other things. I’m sure there was more wisdom in this, but I was a teen and anything said by my parents was simply tomfoolery and I would refuse to do it. GOLF WAS SO BORING. Hit the ball, walk really far to get to ball, Hit ball again, walk some more. Hit ball until it made it into the hole. Repeat 18 more times. Despite living in the state that brings the world The Masters, I JUST DON’T GET IT. I played soccer. It’s a fast-paced game and works well for my ADD brain.

This “kinda like real golf” experience was not going well for my naturally athletic self. Frustration set it and this sport was just dumb. Reenactments from Caddyshack were starting to take place.

Around hole 7 I started to figure it out. I actually took the time read the hints on where to hit the ball posters at each hole and looking at the course. I’m a natural observer and it started to click. I took my par + infinity down to like + 2. I even made par a few times. By the end, we found ourselves not horribly far over par.

IMG_0303A part of me wants to learn this dumb game because OH MY GOSH THE MIND GAMES. Also, it wasn’t easy and I can’t not be good at a sport. That’s just not me. Also, old people play golf. My mother and grandmother have shown me that my knees will more than likely go first and golf may be the only option for a competitive sport I have left. I should probably learn now as you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

I don’t know how I feel about this golf thing. I feel like I need some lessons, but I kinda like to learn via trial and error so I’m fairly certain some youtube videos and putting in my yard would be a good start. I hear topgolf is fun too. So maybe I’ll try that. As for this actual playing golf, I don’t think I will go pro, but I would like to up my put-put game.


I will leave you with a collection of some of our finest puts. Not pictured would be the one in a bush across the street and the one that went for an afternoon swim. (Both hit by Taylor)


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