The New Hollywood

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Due to some smancy fancy tax laws or something or other, the peach state is now the place to go for movie making. Having the Marietta Square shut down for filming is a regular occurrence as we welcome the likes of Adam Sandler, Jim Carry and as of two weeks ago, Oprah. We’ve got your southern charm, old houses dating back to the 1800’s, diverse landscapes, and all in a short drive from the Atlanta airport. I see the appeal Hollywood. Although this has slightly hindered my movie going experience when you recognize the landmarks in the background while the lead character talks about being in completely different state. I’m talking to you Due Date

So some of the perks to our new Hollywood status is the movie crews often leave a place nicer than they found it. Paint touch ups, lights fixed, store fronts tidied up. Just the other week Oprah and her friends were here filming a Martin Luther King Jr. Movie. Pretty sure Oprah herself was in it, hard to confirm as we were only a loud to get so close to set. However, when the director called cut two guys with umbrella’s quickly ran to a lady who looked like Oprah and some one handed her water. Not saying it was here, but not every one got an umbrella. So if it were Oprah, I saw her clock some dude upside the head with a purse. It was a lovely let with lots of old time cars and street sings. It was quiet cute seeing the old time decor in town. While I welcome you all to my state and town, I hope it stays as is. You come, you film, you employ a few locals, and then you go on your way. I hope the ways of Hollywood stay away from our southern way of life, but if you do come; no worries, we will simply bless your heart. 

I appreciate all aspects of film making, it was what I studied in college after all. Being an extra is on my bucket list, but I can never seem to meet the criteria or am available. But one day I will be an extra. So if any of you film folks need a person to memorize a line or two, I’m your girl and we’re glad Georgia’s on your mind. 

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