How wanting a free book lead me to my tribe

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A year ago I applied to be on Jen Hatmaker’s book launch team and get a free book before the release date. That’s really all launch teams are. Get a free book in exchange for promoting it on social media. … Read More

Undone and then some

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Since the big Texas trip I can summarize my feelings to one word: Undone. This group and trip is precious and the moments shared with these amazing women is nothing short of God’s amazing love for us. While I’m still trying … Read More

If you join a book launch team, It will be exactly zero fun.

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Don’t ever join a book launch team, your friends will think you’re crazy. You will wait on your book like a kid on Christmas Eve. Don’t be surprised if you stalk every UPS truck within a 5 mile radius of … Read More

I never get picked for anything…. until NOW!

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Growing up I never ever got picked for anything. Tested for the gifted program and missed it by 1 point… 1. I still haven’t won a pie walking contest! EVERY ONE WINS THOSE. Raffles, Contest, Guess how many inches/jelly beans/due … Read More