When I need to Leave Reality

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Can I confess something terrible to book lovers everywhere? Can I trust you with my secret?? I’ve never read Harry Potter. I know! I wish I could love it and all things potter and Hogwarts, but I failed after many … Read More

A Bucket To Be Filled

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Ever wonder where our phrases come from? It’s raining cats and dogs. I mean honestly, where did that come from? In 2007 a popular movie featuring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman brought the term The Bucket List to our vocabulary. … Read More

Bad Ass Moms Who Inspire A Single Girl

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Things I know about being a mom: ZERO I don’t have kids. I’m around them all the time, but none are actually mine. I send them home at 3:30 and I don’t see them on weekends. It’s wonderful. So when my … Read More

If I could do it again, I’d do it the same

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Life is full of moments. Big ones. Little ones. Hard ones. Great ones. These moments refine us as much as they define us. Some moments we’d gladly live again and others leave us wanting to burn the bridge that took … Read More

Friday Five: When Life Creates New Traditions

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Traditions give us solid ground to stand on; a comfort to look forward too. Our lives are ever evolving and these traditions we love begin to take a different form. As I watch friends enjoying family traditions I begin to ponder … Read More

Friday Five: Creating Joy

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In high school I had a teacher give a lesson on the difference between happiness and joy and that’s the first time I learned that those words weren’t exactly synonyms. In short; happiness is a temporary feeling and joy is … Read More

Friday Five: Five Smiles

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If you are reading this it is FRIDAY (YAY!!!!) so give yourself a pat on the back for making it through another week. I only have 4 more weeks till thanksgiving break. Not that I’m counting or looking forward to … Read More

Friday Five: Five Perks Of Being 28

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It’s Friday!! I get to leave work early and I could not be happier about it kids. This week’s Friday five is all about the perks of being your age. This topic for the week seems fitting as it’s conference … Read More

Friday Five- Five Generations

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What’s the Friday Five you ask? It’s a link up of other blogs where each friday we have a topic and run with it. We all link up our blogs (bottom of post) so you can see how we interpreted … Read More