How wanting a free book lead me to my tribe

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A year ago I applied to be on Jen Hatmaker’s book launch team and get a free book before the release date. That’s really all launch teams are. Get a free book in exchange for promoting it on social media. … Read More

Friday Five: Five Smiles

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If you are reading this it is FRIDAY (YAY!!!!) so give yourself a pat on the back for making it through another week. I only have 4 more weeks till thanksgiving break. Not that I’m counting or looking forward to … Read More

Undone and then some

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Since the big Texas trip I can summarize my feelings to one word: Undone. This group and trip is precious and the moments shared with these amazing women is nothing short of God’s amazing love for us. While I’m still trying … Read More

If you join a book launch team, It will be exactly zero fun.

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Don’t ever join a book launch team, your friends will think you’re crazy. You will wait on your book like a kid on Christmas Eve. Don’t be surprised if you stalk every UPS truck within a 5 mile radius of … Read More

When a book comes to life- No, this isn’t Reading Rainbow

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In college my thesis paper that I so lovingly wrote was about the Elaboration Likelihood Model.  I know….. bear with me on this one. Let me summarize this lovely 20 page thesis paper I wrote without cursing my professor or college (not). … Read More

For the love of Jen Hatmaker and her words

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As I started to ponder what I would write about after reading For the Love by Jen Hatmaker a lot of ideas ran through my mind. I thought about being vague with all her funny sayings in the book, summarizing … Read More

Monthly List of Mayhem: August

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I recently had the idea to do a monthly list (virgo habit, sorry) of things I enjoy and feel are just all around good. Life is to darn short for bad or just ok. Food, Books, Movies, Wine, Friends, they … Read More

People You meet (deal with) at the Atlanta airport

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A recent trip led me to one of the busiest places on earth. Atlanta’s Airport. It really is an experience on its own. You’ll feel like you will have been on an adventure before you ever actually get to your … Read More

I never get picked for anything…. until NOW!

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Growing up I never ever got picked for anything. Tested for the gifted program and missed it by 1 point… 1. I still haven’t won a pie walking contest! EVERY ONE WINS THOSE. Raffles, Contest, Guess how many inches/jelly beans/due … Read More