Two Words and a New Perspective

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I’d made it through airport security and found my gate in terminal B, however, I didn’t pay much attention to my boarding pass, as the people-watching at the airport is just too good to pass up. When I finally glanced … Read More

I’d Rather not meet for Coffee: Budget Friendly things to do with Friends

In college, I would beg my friends to go something fun like white water rafting only to get told: “I don’t have any money”. Three days later we would be at the bar and they’d drop $30 on food and … Read More

Growing up in the land of options

America, the great land of opportunity, at least that’s what the brochure says. Do you know what I think life in America really is about? The land of options. While yes, we are the country where we are given far … Read More

Playing with Fire

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“Don’t be afraid of the flames or the furnace, because it is in the midst of the fire that you will be changed. It is in the fire that you will experience the presence of God.” These words written by … Read More

Find Your Park and GO!

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This weekend our National Parks Service will celebrate their centennial year of existence. If you’re bad at math, that’s 100 years.   Do you know which park was the very first park created?   It was good ole Yellowstone. In … Read More

I’m not Humpty Dumpty

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Who ever said Humpty Dumpty was an egg? Did you ever think of that? Maybe I’m the only one, but what ever. I did some research and no one really knows. Historians argue it’s a reference from the civil war … Read More

True Tales from a Counselor’s Couch.

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Ever notice how therapist on tv shows and movies are just weird? They either sit there and take notes while in some weird zen-like state of mind or they are riddled with their own set of issues making them an … Read More

I’m Feeling very Olympic Today

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The Olympics are here and it’s a happy time! The Olympics show us humanity at it’s finest. People of all nations gathering and supporting one another. From Refugees getting a standing ovation to Phelps showing what it means to be … Read More

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