When My Mother Told Me the Truth about our Christmas Glassware

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My whole life a set of Christmas Glassware has taken up residence in our cupboard. They are decorated with holly and berries around the bottom and gold trim on the top. Each glass with a slight ripple effect, giving it … Read More

A Little Bit Less For A Little Bit More: Chemicals

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I have a thing for laundry detergent. I notice it on other people. Don’t worry, I’m not weird or anything. Or maybe I am, but that’s not the point. I don’t walk up to people and take a close whiff … Read More

A Holiday Gift Guide: Because Teachers Have Enough Coffee Cups

I feel as though there’s an issue floating around during the holidays and I need to address it. Teacher gifts. My friend Laura and I attended our annual holiday craft fair only to realize that crafters were advertising their items … Read More

Tis the Season: TV Holiday Movies

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A pastor once gave an Advent lesson involving prayer.. He encouraged us to pray one prayer during the season and it didn’t matter what that prayer was. He stated that if we were single and wanting a spouse, we could … Read More

Holiday Spirit and Retail Games

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We’ve been duped by the big time clothing brands and we have turned a blind eye to it for years. They trick us into buying things and we are powerless. The sad part of it all, we actually enjoy being … Read More

I’ll take what the mannequin is wearing

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November 17 I don’t like my clothes. I just don’t seem to care about them as much as others do. Maybe my dislike in putting outfits together outweighs my feelings about being fashionable. I see clothes and I think “Oh … Read More

A Little Bit Less for a Little Bit More

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The last few months have left me wondering what’s next for me. I think that’s part of the grieving process and picking up the pieces. Between my Dad being sick and then a season of grief, the last few years … Read More

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