Snowflake Messages

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The weather forecast called for snow and reporters told us we’d be stuck inside for a few days. So we did what Georgian’s do and panicked over a few predicted inches of snow. Yes, that one time we had a … Read More

Fear in the Frozen: Learn to Let it go

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As the snow continues to pile up by the foot in the north-east, I sit out my couch in Georgia and watch the last bit of our 1 inch of snow disappear. While this snowstorm hitting the northeast is nothing … Read More

Finish Lines and Finisher Medals

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Is it just me, or do you have a crazy friend who is usually at fault for your impulsive shenanigans? I do. Her name is Katie. Katie will say something simple as “Oh I’m going on a mission trip to … Read More

When My Mother Told Me the Truth about our Christmas Glassware

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My whole life a set of Christmas Glassware has taken up residence in our cupboard. They are decorated with holly and berries around the bottom and gold trim on the top. Each glass with a slight ripple effect, giving it … Read More

A Little Bit Less For A Little Bit More: Chemicals

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I have a thing for laundry detergent. I notice it on other people. Don’t worry, I’m not weird or anything. Or maybe I am, but that’s not the point. I don’t walk up to people and take a close whiff … Read More

A Holiday Gift Guide: Because Teachers Have Enough Coffee Cups

I feel as though there’s an issue floating around during the holidays and I need to address it. Teacher gifts. My friend Laura and I attended our annual holiday craft fair only to realize that crafters were advertising their items … Read More

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