Standardized Candy

Here’s to you discounted Easter candy, I bought you as a reward for my students weathering the spring storm of standardized test. You seem like such a small offering for the torture their minds go through. I’d take them all … Read More

Being an Athletic Girl is in style…. finally.

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I’m finally in style. It only took 25 years to be cool to be athletic. I’d like to thank Brandi Chastain in the 99′ women’s world cup for getting this movement going so many years ago. It still took a … Read More

The colors duke!!!!

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For quite some time now I have wanted to do a color run. However, thanks to the ole coaching soccer gig, weekend time was not exactly ideal. I signed up in January for this bad boy because I’m not coaching this … Read More

In efforts to better the world….

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In efforts to better America I write the following: Fashion tip: Leggings aren’t pants and not every one should wear them. Spandex is a right not a privilege. I recently helped out at high school youth retreat and realized I … Read More

I never get picked for anything…. until NOW!

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Growing up I never ever got picked for anything. Tested for the gifted program and missed it by 1 point… 1. I still haven’t won a pie walking contest! EVERY ONE WINS THOSE. Raffles, Contest, Guess how many inches/jelly beans/due … Read More

I’m only half crazy, I think.

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I RAN MY FIRST HALF MARATHON! A week later and it doesn’t quite seem like I ran 13.1 miles. All the miles are jumbled together in my mind and it kinda feels like a 5k in my brain. My body … Read More

Why we don’t want your stupid cup cake

Listen up moms of little ones….. We don’t want your stupid cupcake. Please don’t take this personally. We (educators of the little minds) just don’t want your precious birthday cupcake in our class and here’s why: 1. I have 27 … Read More

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