I’m only half crazy, I think.

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I RAN MY FIRST HALF MARATHON! A week later and it doesn’t quite seem like I ran 13.1 miles. All the miles are jumbled together in my mind and it kinda feels like a 5k in my brain. My body … Read More

Why we don’t want your stupid cup cake

Listen up moms of little ones….. We don’t want your stupid cupcake. Please don’t take this personally. We (educators of the little minds) just don’t want your precious birthday cupcake in our class and here’s why: 1. I have 27 … Read More

Why We Make A Big Deal About The World Cup

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As many of you know, the 2014 World Cup has begun in Brazil and will be for the next month. The highlights will consume your sport center and even some morning talk shows. Mainly because there are no other major … Read More

To the class of 2014 aka my brother.

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As I sat and watched my little brother graduate from high school, I couldn’t help but laugh at my own life and how it has gone since I crossed that stage. For some odd reason I always used my brother’s … Read More

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