Open Doors

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As I finally begin to enjoy a school year coming to an end and my last coaching year conclude, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the doors of opportunity that are starting to show up. I feel like I am standing in a long hall way filled with doors. Some closing behind me, some opening to new adventures and some yet to be opened. One of those doors would be this little blog. A few dozen people have told me I should do this so here we go. May I remind you, you have freewill in reading this and you were warned. 

 I thought about what to write about and finally settled on simply going through life on my tiny teacher budget as I figure out life with out coaching soccer 3-4 times a week plus occasional travel. As I rediscover where I live in all it’s quirks. I live in an awesome medium size town next to be big city with more to do than one can schedule. And now with out my soccer gig, I will have time to enjoy said events fully. 

While I would love to go charging forward with every door I come to, I know I need to be still and see what lies beyond it. Others I wish would fly open with the big heavenly music and lights just glimmering with opportunity, but I am afraid I find myself locked out of the door and fumbling for the key. Patience in regards to changing my life is one thing I lack. This also makes long term craft projects difficult. I am learning to trust God with this more and more, but some days it’s hard. If only he could put a sign on the door sating “be back in 10 minutes, out to lunch” so I would know when my doors would open. However, I have been informed he does not work in such manner. So here I stand in the hall with doors  opening and closing. Scared to move forward, but excited all the same. If the past few years have taught me anything, it’s that I have no clue where I will be a year from now, or even 3 months from now. But I know God is going to use me big and I am ready. 

“I have opened a door for you that no man can close.” Revelation 3:8

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