On the eve of the last week of school.

4 alarm clocks. That is all that stands between me and the end of the school year. 4 long, slow going days. The to do list keeps growing and students keep showing up every day. There’s lots to do and kids to keep occupied because let’s face it, They’re done as much as we are. So here are the letters I’d write in your yearbooks if I could…

Dear student who is dropped of at 7:05 EVERY MORNING,
      I love your curious mind. It’s a wonderful thing at times. However the sun isn’t up yet and I haven’t had my coffee and you have already asked 6 questions. No, I don’t know when the test on the book we are reading will be. There actually isn’t going to be a test, we just needed a reason to keep you quiet for a bit. Sure, play on the computer just STOP WITH THE ASKING OF QUESTIONS.
To the student cleaning up spilled water,
        I know cotton balls were the first thing absorbent thing you saw, but that is a terrible solution to your problem. I can’t help you with this life skill. Best of luck in middle school.

Dear little ones asking if we are going to have recess on field day,
      We’ve been outside playing for 4 hours, but sure, we will take recess too.

Dear Concerned Parent who’s child has an 89,
        Thank you for the multiple e-mails regarding said 89. Grades are not done yet, but you can’t know that because it’s only the class blog and in the parent news letter. If you come to my class you’ll see it written on the board too. I’d much rather talk to your child about said 89 as they need this life skill. I promise what ever grade your child earns will not keep them from getting in to college or even the magnet high school. He’s 10.
Dear student who just asked what time lunch is,
        We eat lunch at 12:20. EVERY DAY for 176 days, but no, I do not know what time lunch is.        
To my less organized students,
        please, please go clean out your locker and back pack. I’m sure all your missing assignments you swore you did and turned in are in there. Just please clean it out, soon.

The end is near and I can’t wait to do nothing with no one. Oh and maybe have the energy to go out on a Friday night.

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