In efforts to better the world….

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In efforts to better America I write
the following:
Fashion tip: Leggings aren’t pants and
not every one should wear them. Spandex is a right not a privilege. I
recently helped out at high school youth retreat and realized I now
look at the young teens and say “what are you wearing?!?!” I-AM-OLD.  An
oversized t-shirt with leggings, socks and chaco sandals isn’t a
favorable look on any one. I didn’t know looking homeless was cool. I
know I am no fashionesta by any stretch of the imagination, but my
word young ones. Step it up a level.
Group text messages: Like leggings, they
have their place. First one to arrive at dinner and get the table,
sure send the group the message. Sending a message to see if any one
wants to go see a movie? Sure. Something funny happens and you want
to tell a few people; sure, send away. Last minute change in plans
because there’s a 3 hour wait at the bowling ally. Yes, that
information needs to be communicated in mass and quickly. But can we
please, for the love of recess Easter egg cups, not carry on with
the group text about nothing?!?! Here’s a few pointers: if you don’t
know all the contact on the message, don’t try to be funny. If it is
in no way shape or form related to the matter at hand, just don’t.
Being on a group message is kinda like that time I was stuck on plane
for 8 hours by an 82 year old Dutchman who hadn’t showered and my
mini tv didn’t work. I don’t enjoy my phone pinging relentlessly with
your fodder. Just stop with the groupness or apple give me a way to
opt out of this hostage situation I beg.
Taking pictures with our mouth wide
open- are you trying to catch an m&m? goldfish? peanut? or did you just win bingo?
If the answer is no, close your mouth and just smile. We don’t need
to see your molars.
Hash tag abusers: Hash tags serve the
following purpose: To link up post about a common topic such as
#lightthenight. That hashtag has purpose. Creating one for your
wedding is fine. Couples should get to see all the pics their friends
take at their wedding. You can make a hash tag or two to be funny
but cut it off at 3. Some of you have way to many and it serves no
purpose in life. Lastly, quit hash tagging your kids. Your hashtag makes what
ever you post public so tag accordingly.

I think if we all work on these little
things our world will be a better place, just a tad. But in the words
of the greatest movie of my generation “Quit trying to make fetch

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