I never get picked for anything…. until NOW!

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Growing up I never ever got picked for anything. Tested for the gifted program and missed it by 1 point… 1. I still haven’t won a pie walking contest! EVERY ONE WINS THOSE. Raffles, Contest, Guess how many inches/jelly beans/due dates. ALL WRONG GUESSES. In fourth grade I wanted to do science Olympiad and because so many kids wanted to do it, they had a paper airplane contest to determine who got to be on the team. REALLY!?!?! No, I don’t hold grudges at all. I did once win Braves tickets from Mcdonalds when I was 9. So I guess I won something once. I would score goals in soccer and the paper would put some one else’s name! In 8th grade the PE award went to a way less athletic girl, (Athletics was all I had back in the day) only to have the PE teacher tell me “We really wish we could have given the award to you too”. Seriously?! I held all the PE records for girls and a 6:10 mile.

In college there was a group in my sorority that won all the live long time. Good luck just followed them every where they went. Go to a concert and get selected for upgraded front row seats, radio contest won, scratch off lotto tickets with enough zeros to match the whole $2 I would get; won. At least I broke even with my ticket. There should be some equilibrium to the contest world. Once you’ve hit your quota you lose. No more being picked!

But today the I call an equilibrium in my contest world and I will sacrifice being selected for any other thing (except mabye the lotto) because I have cashed in my winnings and get to be a part of Jen Hatmaker’s new book For the Love launch. Deep down I am believing I was selected for my wit in charm and not for fitting a criteria. There were 5,000 applicants and they picked 500 of us. If you know me, you know Jen is “my BFF” even if we’ve never met. I found her through her book “7” then Interrupted  and was hooked with her wit and charm paired with love for the world and Godly outlook on this big mess we call life. I realized there is hope for my personality type. I have given her books to many of my friends and talked about her show Our Big Family Renovation on HGTV and gotten others hooked. She’s just simply awesome in all the ways. I’m usually not an excessively emotional BUT OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So here’s what I get to do. Read the book before it hits the shelves and spread the good words to the rest of the world. There’s more to it but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I feel like I should have a members only jacket for this.

So Karma I call us good friends again. You and the contest/application/please pick me world have made up for your past discretion. Now to wait on my copy of For The Love.

Side Note: You can pre-order the book and wait on the mail man with me. I’d love some company.

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